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Eniko Reka Kincses Deportation from Canada

Saskatchewan Woman and Daughter Face Deportation From Canada

A woman in Saskatchewan and her daughter are facing deportation from Canada because her daughter has cerebral palsy. Eniko Reka Kincses and her daughter Boglarka are scheduled for deportation on January 30th. According to the Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix, Boglarka’s disability makes her ineligible to be a permanent resident of Canada because she would place an excessive […]

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Ashkan Forsat Deportation from Canada

Hefty Criminal Convictions Can Lead to Deportation from Canada

Canada Can’t Deport Criminal Because Iran Won’t Take Him Back A very interesting article was published on the National Post website this week, detailing the case of Ashkan Forsat, 26, originally from Iran. Forsat arrived in Canada when he was 10 years as a refugee with his family, who became permanent residents. But as he […]

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How Can Someone Born In Canada be Deported From Canada?

Canada offers birthright citizenship, as do many other countries in the world – including the United States. What birthright citizenship means is that anyone born on Canadian soil automatically becomes a Canadian citizen.  But did you know, someone who has been born in Canada can still be deported? It’s a very rarely-used and little-known law […]

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Hell’s Angels declared criminal organization by IRB, deportations from Canada ensue

The Immigration and Refugee Board has officially declared the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club a criminal organization and at least four members have been deported from Canada – one of whom has been in Canada since 1979 but had never gotten their Canadian citizenship. Alejandro Chung, a native of Chile, was the most recently deported person […]

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The Danger of The New Refugee Regulations: Pre-Removal Risk Assessments

This summer, along with other significant changes to Canada’s refugee system, the government of Canada placed restrictions on pre-removal risk assessments. A pre-removal risk assessments explores whether there is significant danger (the threat of death, torture, other cruel and unusual punishment etc.) to failed refugee claimants if they were to be deported. While the refugees […]

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False Accusation Results in Illegal Immigrant’s Arrest And Deportation

The Toronto Star published an amazing column this week detailing the ordeal of Brazilian immigrant Husteclaber Cardoso, and his subsequent deportation when his name was run by police after they were called to his door for absolutely nothing.  Husteclaber Cardoso came to Canada in 1993 on a visitor visa, which expired. Upon the visa’s expiry, […]

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Senior Deported to the United States May Return to Canada

We recently blogged about an elderly American woman who was facing deportation despite being the only available care option for a Canadian Citizen.  Nancy Inferrera, 73, left Canada because she was under a removal order and the Canadian Citizen, Mildred Sanford, 83, left with her. Inferrera’s permanent residency application had been denied, as was her […]

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Family deported from Canada may get second chance

We recently blogged about a petition that was started to bring a family back to Canada after they were deported from Canada. The Benhmuda family was deported to Libya after their refugee claim was denied in 2008. Two of the family’s younger sons were born in Canada, and the petition was started by one of […]

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Petition Asks Minister Kenney To Bring Family Back On Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

A petition is circulating online, asking Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney to consider bringing back a deported family to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.  The Benhmuda family was deported to their native Libya after their refugee claim was denied in 2008, after having come to Canada in 2000 with two small children. […]

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Elderly American Woman faced deportation from Canada despite being only caregiver for Canadian

A pair of elderly women who have been friends for 30 years – one an American citizen and one a Canadian citizen – left Canada to go to the United States despite having no friends, family or place to stay there because the American woman was facing deportation from Canada. The friends – Canadian citizen […]

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Family Facing Deportation From Canada Four Times Gets To Stay

A family in Quebec has finally had their application to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds accepted, after facing deportation from Canadaat least four different times since last year. During the first three times there were issues at the airport, misplaced travel documents and one of the family members fell ill, while the […]

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Immigration Crime Rate

Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren Quoted: Bill C-43

The recently proposed Bill C-43, the Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act, will ensure that Canada has some of the strictest deportation laws among the Westernized world.  For example, as of right now permanent residents in Canada who are convicted of a crime and serving sentences less than two years are given the right to […]

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Thousands of e-mails used on petition to stop a deportation from Canada harvested by Government

According to a number of media reports, thousands of Canadians recently received an e-mail from Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney with the subject line “LGBT Refugees in Iran.” LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.  However, none of the recipients of this e-mail had signed up for e-mails from the Conservative party […]

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Toronto grandmother deported from Canada

A grandmother living in Toronto was deported to Sri Lanka earlier this month, accompanied by a Canada Border Services Agency officer on her flight. The woman, who is 70 years old, has a Canadian daughter and granddaughter and no family in Sri Lanka – and currently, there’s barely anyone available to pick her up at the […]

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Toronto Immigration Lawyer

How To Write A Letter to Stop Deportation from Canada

In cases of deportation of someone you know, a family member or a member of your community, writing a letter of support for the person to not be deported can sometimes be helpful. In high-profile cases where someone faces the threat of serious harm or even death when they return to their home country, the […]

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