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Do I need to renew my PR status in Canada?

Do you need to renew your permanent resident status in Canada? The answer is, yes if you want to travel. Although what you will really be doing is renewing your permanent resident card, which expires every five years.  Renewing your permanent resident card in Canada means that you must make an application as well as […]

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Canadian immigration: expired PR card

If you are a Canadian permanent resident, you should be holding a valid permanent resident card. As of 2002, permanent residents who land in Canada receive their permanent resident card (also called a PR card) automatically. If you landed in Canada prior to this time, you have to apply for one on your own. To […]

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What if Your Canadian PR Card Expires while outside of Canada?

What if Your Canadian PR Card Expires While Abroad? Canadian Permanent Residents do not typically spend all of their time in Canada – many travel abroad to visit family or for business. Because Permanent Resident Cards (PR Cards) expire every five (5) years, there’s a chance that you could be outside of Canada when it […]

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Expiring Canadian Permanent Resident Cards or a Canadian PR Card that has expired

What to do about an expiring or expired Canadian Permanent Resident Card Canadian Permanent Resident cards (Canadian PR cards) are valid for a period of five years and need to be renewed in order for someone’s permanent residence status to remain valid. Expiring Canadian PR Card Citizenship and Immigration Canada recommends that a person with […]

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Lawyer assists with Permanent Resident Card Renewal for Canada

Permanent Residence Card Renewal Approved Hi Katherine, I wanted you to know that I am grateful to you and your assistant Johanna for the guidance and help in renewing my permanent resident card  status. First of all, I really appreciated the guidance you gave me for my travel document application, and instructing me on which […]

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Canadian Permanent Resident Card and Renewal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Permanent Resident Cards Here are some common questions our office receives about Canadian Permanent Resident cards (also called PR cards).  You may also read our website for more information about Permanent Residence Card rules and about the residency requirements for maintaining your card.

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