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Family Facing Deportation From Canada Four Times Gets To Stay

A family in Quebec has finally had their application to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds accepted, after facing deportation from Canadaat least four different times since last year. During the first three times there were issues at the airport, misplaced travel documents and one of the family members fell ill, while the […]

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Thousands of e-mails used on petition to stop a deportation from Canada harvested by Government

According to a number of media reports, thousands of Canadians recently received an e-mail from Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney with the subject line “LGBT Refugees in Iran.” LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.  However, none of the recipients of this e-mail had signed up for e-mails from the Conservative party […]

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Family’s Immigration Paperwork Lost In Mail, Faces Deportation From Canada

Humanitarian Grounds application never received, leads to deportation from Canada A family originally from Guinea faces deportation from Canada after their immigration paperwork was lost in the mail. After initially having their refugee claim denied, the family appealed on humanitarian grounds, which never made it to any immigration offices. Despite a new application being filed, […]

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Expect Changes to the Balanced Refugee Reform Act This Month?

Original bill that trampled refugee rights may return The Balanced Refugee Reform Act (or Bill C-11) is a piece of legislation that received royal assent in mid-2010, and is scheduled to take effect in late June of this year. The original bill only received royal assent after changes were made to it, because opposition critics […]

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illegal immigration in canada

3 More Untrue Immigration Myths: Illegal Immigrants in Canada

This week’s list of 3 Untrue Immigration Myths has a focus on illegal immigrants, which are often subject to much prejudice in Canada. Myth: Illegal Immigrants are criminals Illegal immigration is a fact of life in most countries, including Canada. But illegal immigrants are not committing any crime, because the Canadian Criminal Code doesn’t list […]

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Humanitarian and Compassionate Application Approved!

Coming to a new country and finding your way to settle down is one of the hardest things I’ve done so far. Especially when you have no knowledge about the rules and regulations of the country. And with so many law firms out there today, you just don’t know what the right choice is. After doing […]

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Permanent Residence Application on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Denied for Hurricane Katrina Victim. What does it take?

Permanent Residence Application on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Denied Sadly, as reported by Matthew Coutts of the National Post,  Mr. Daniel Johnson’s bid for Canadian permanent residence on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds was dashed when the Federal Court upheld the refusal of his application. Johnson is former pro basketball player who fled the devastation of […]

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Permanent Residency Card Renewal on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

Permanent Residency Card Renewal Question Hi I have applied for my Permanent Residency Card Renewal but I do not have the required 2 years of Canadian residence. Please help me to apply on compassionate grounds as my wife and two children meet the requirements and I have also applied for Canadian citizenship and I work […]

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