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Hire an immigration lawer

Do I Really Need an Immigration Lawyer?

If you are just beginning to scratch the surface of the difficult and complicated immigration process in the United States or in Canada, you may have been considering whether or not to hire an immigration lawyer or an immigration consultant.  What is the difference between an Immigration Consultant and an Immigration Lawyer? An immigration consultant […]

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immigration consultants fraud

Immigration Consultants in Toronto fail to provide Immigration services to applicant

Dear Sir / Madam, I hope you are well and first of all wish you a very happy new year.     I got your reference from Ripoff Report website and wonder if you can help! I am living and working UK ( originally from India) and used a services of immigration consultants in Toronto Ontario*  for […]

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denied entry to Canada

Companies Offering Fake Canadian Visas Becoming a Serious Problem

  According to the Indian Express, the Consul General of Canada to India, Scot Slessor, has been discussing the matter of fraudulent companies offering Canadian visas for a fee with police as it is becoming a rather large problem. “A number of incidents of fake visa companies have come to my notice and despite police […]

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False Promises for International Students With “Shady Consultants”

According to this CBC article, companies are offering international students “study and immigrate” packages without being legally authorized to offer immigration services. While they hire outside immigration representatives when needed, the promises behind their packages don’t actually lead to something real because they aren’t informing students properly.  In other words, they’re promising things they can’t […]

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Canadian Immigration Officer Confesses To Accepting Bribes

A senior immigration officer in Toronto has admitted to accepting bribes from newcomers to Canada in exchange for status, according to this article. The immigration officer, George Gonsalves Barriero, worked in Toronto and since 2005 has been in charge of processing applications for permanent residency in Canada. Immigrants were offered status in exchange for thousands […]

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Immigration Consultant in Toronto

Canada Border Services Agency Crackdown Results In Dozens Of Charges Against Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants facing charges A former immigration consultant and two other immigration consultants in Winnipeg and Montreal are facing dozens of charges by the Canada Border Services Agency. According to this National Post article, the founder of Canadian Immigration Solutions Manitoba (later named CISI Canadian Immigration Strategies), Brad Jacobson, is facing more than 20 counts […]

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Hiring an Immigration Lawyer or doing it on your own. What option should you choose for your immigration application?

We have written extensively about this topic. How to choose an immigration lawyer; what information to ask a lawyer before hiring him or her; what to look out for etc.  The Canadian government itself though its immigration website at www.cic.gc.ca also has provided guidance on this topic. Overall its good information except that they say” […]

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Toronto Immigration Consultant

Government of Canada To Share More Information On Immigration Consultants

CIC will share info on immigration consultants with CBSA and IRB According to the latest information out of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the government has created a process to  be able to better accept tips from people in the immigration industry and fully investigate rogue immigration consultants who are not following the regulations put forth […]

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Immigration Consultant in Toronto

What are the Requirements for an Immigration Consultant in Toronto?

Immigration consultants in Toronto Prospective immigrants have plenty of choice when it comes to who helps them with the Canadian immigration process, and one of those choices is to use an immigration consultant. An immigration consultant is different than an immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer has completed years of schooling in law school and has […]

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“Shady” Immigration Consultant Arrested in Montreal

The Canada Border Services Agency has announced in a press release that it has filed almost 150 different charges against an immigration consultant based in Montreal. The consultant is accused of aiding and abetting people to misrepresent themselves and forging documents for those looking to obtain refugee status and temporary resident permits. The man provided […]

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Immigration fraud tip line gaining criticism

Immigration fraud tip line for “problem they haven’t even demonstrated exists” According to this article in the Montreal Gazette, a new government tip line that’s set up to allow people to report immigration fraud is garnering a lot of criticism. Tip line was announced last week by Citizenship and Immigration Canada The NDP immigration critic, […]

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CIC Plans to revoke Canadian Citizenship after investigation

As many as 1,800 could lose Canadian Citizenship According to an announcement by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, 1,800 people who recently obtained Canadian citizenship could be losing their Canadian citizenship. The news comes after a joint three-year investigation (that isn’t yet complete) between police, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the RCMP. According […]

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Victims of Immigration Consultants arrested in Toronto

Immigration Consultants’ victims face deportation According to the Toronto Police Service and immigration officials, students from China are winding up in jail because they overstayed their time in Canada. The overstay in Canada was, allegedly, under the false pretense that  “fake” immigration consultants were helping them sort out their immigration issues. These immigration consultants have […]

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More Bad News for Bad Immigration Consultants

Government to begin regulating Immigration Consultants In our ongoing coverage of the Canadian government’s efforts to tackle the problem of dealing with unethical immigration consultants, the latest information is that Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has proposed new measures in an attempt to regulate the immigration consultant industry. This year, several stories have […]

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Unlicensed Ontario Immigration Consultant cheats Immigrants out of up to $100,000

Immigration Consultant steals immigrants’ money In our ongoing effort to warn and educate the public about unlicensed and unethical immigration representatives, below is the latest story of more victims of unscrupulous consultants taking advantage of intending immigrants to Canada. A recent situation in Windsor saw an Immigration Consultant Francesco Salvatore (Sam) Burgio of Amherstburg, Ontario […]

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