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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg and Harrison Ford: Celebrities who have been denied entry to countries all over the world

We’ve previously blogged about celebrities like The Game, Russell Brand and Wes Bentley who have been denied entry to Canada, as well as celebrities such as pastor Terry Jones, Amy Winehouse, Boy George and Lily Allen who have been denied entry to the United States (at one time or another, as some of these bans […]

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crossing canadian border problems

Canadian Border Problems? Crossing into Canada

We get a lot of inquiries from people having problems at the Canadian border. Canada has one of the largest land borders in the world and hundreds of thousands cross into Canada each year. Most are admitted as visitors, students or workers but many do get denied entry. There are many reasons for being denied […]

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Entering canada with a felony conviction

If you have a criminal record such as a felony conviction, you may have difficulty entering Canada. Can I enter Canada with a Felony Conviction? Canada has strict rules when it comes to admitting people with criminal records. Essentially, if you have been convicted of an offence that occurred less than 10 years ago, in most cases, you are […]

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Kidney Donor Denied Visa To Canada

A woman in Toronto has end-stage kidney disease and her life would be saved by a donor, but the one person who can donate to her has been denied entry to Canada according to this article in the Toronto Star.  Vilma Serrano, 44, has been on the waiting list for a kidney transplant for three […]

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Denied entry at the Canadian border?

Have you been Denied Entry at Canadian Border? You are not alone. A lot of people wishing to enter to Canada are denied entry at the border for reasons of medical issues or criminality. For instance, if you have been convicted of a DUI, DWI, assault charge or another misdemeanour  you could be refused at the Canadian border.  […]

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Denied entry to Canada from the US?

Are you an American and have you been denied entry to Canada? Or do you wish to enter Canada from the US but perhaps have a criminal record? There are many reasons Americans are not admitted to Canada including reasons for medical and criminal inadmissibility. Americans generally do not require visas to enter Canada for […]

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Anti-Islamic Pastor Terry Jones Denied Entry to Canada

Terry Jones, a pastor from Florida who made headlines when he burned copies of the Qur’an on the anniversary of September 11th, was denied entry to Canada this week as he attempted to enter to attend a debate on free-speech and religion in Toronto. Jones is the author of a book titled Islam is the […]

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Enter Canada within 48 hours with TRP application

Thank you so much for your remarkable turn around on my need to enter Canada on extremely short notice A mere 48 hours after retaining your services and providing you with the first bit of documentation, I was landing in Canada with my application for TRP in hand. An hour later I found myself riding […]

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Show Stopper for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2012 being Refused Entry to Canada

As the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is underway, there is a lot of star gazing these days on the streets of Toronto. Penlope Cruz, Tom Hanks, and Canadian Rachel McAdams to name a few are gracing our city. The TIFF is a big deal for Toronto and for the film industry in general. Toronto is one […]

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Hunger Games Wes Bentley

American Hunger Games Actor Wes Bentley Denied Entry to Canada

According to Radar Online, Hunger Games actor Wes Bentley was denied entry to Canada because of a drug arrest in 2008. He had been expected to come to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to promote his new film, but the drug-related arrest resulted in his being denied entry to Canada. Canada is generally very […]

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TRP Application Approved for 3 Years

Good Afternoon Amandine, I am taking this opportunity to express my appreciation for the wonderful job you and your law firm did for my fiancee and I just received a letter CIC documenting the approval of my Temporary Resident Permit for 3 years.  I I wanted to say thank you very much. Have a wonderful […]

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Temporary Resident Permit Approved at the Border

Roxanna, Thank you very much for all your help in providing me a great package that I presented to the border agents in Vancouver B.C. in which they accepted me for a Temporary Resident Permit.  I found it particularly great that you were able to finalize the package in only two days and that you […]

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Lindsay Lohan Will Probably Be Denied Entry to Canada

Criminal conviction could cause Lohan to be denied entry to Canada According to several news reports, American actress Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to start filming an Elizabeth Taylor biopic in Canada this coming spring. But there’s a problem: Lohan was convicted of a DUI in the United States, making her likely criminally inadmissible to Canada. […]

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Denied Entry to Canada?

What to do if you are denied entry to Canada Even if you have all of your travel perfectly planned, a valid passport, have been to Canada before and have paid in full for your trip and accommodations, you can still be denied entry to Canada.                   […]

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Refused at the Canadian border? What are your options for Admission to Canada?

Refused at the Canadian border? Being refused at the Canadian border or being denied entry to Canada can be extremely time consuming, frustrating and costly. Imagine paying upfront for a nice vacation only to find that you cannot enter Canada or stop at any Canadian airport – or, you have an important event such as […]

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