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The Dangerous Risks of Illegal Immigration

For many people around the world, illegal immigration seems to promise a relief from the miseries that they face. Some take this route for economic reasons and others for political motives. Either way, the path of illegal immigration is fraught with dangers that should be considered before someone decides to break the law of their […]

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Immigrants Who Became Famous In The United States

Many people have moved to the United States in order to live in freedom, pursue their dreams, and take advantage of everything America has to offer. Here is a list of some of those immigrants and how they managed to achieve their American dreams, while making an impression on the world at large. Cary Grant […]

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Russia and USA Reach Visa Agreement

One of the largest complications for traveling from the US to Russia or from Russia to the US is the need to apply for and pay for a visa in time for your trip.  The cost of this diplomatic checklist may be several hundreds of dollars and failure to show a visa can result in […]

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Jobs for Immigrants with H1B Visa

The state of some businesses makes it difficult to find employees who can fulfill certain duties as needed in specific operations.  While the unemployment rate is still holding at a high level, qualifications for specialist positions makes it difficult to find the necessary employees needed for exact work. The Purpose Of An H1B Visa In […]

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Travel Shots: Vaccination Before Taking Off

Most countries have their own methods and immunization programs that keep diseases in control. A lot of such diseases are endemic in some countries and may be totally absent in others.  You need to get the right vaccine that will help you to resist infection of a disease if  the country where you are going […]

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Foreign Immigrants Face Challenges in US Work Force

With the immigrant population in the United States closing in on 40 million people, integration is an important and necessary aspect to ensuring the quality of life in the U.S.  While the percentage of people living in the U.S. who were born elsewhere has reached an all time high of nearly 13%, unemployment is soaring […]

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What To Do Before You Embark On Your Cruise to the US

Going on a cruise to the US is, without a doubt, one of the most fun experiences you can ever have. There is nothing better than getting on a ship, letting loose, and forgetting all the worries of the world. You can chill by the poolside, enjoy parties at night, go sightseeing — there are […]

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Tips for Taking the US Naturalization Test

Passing the naturalization test is a must if you want to become a US citizen. This is probably the most important step in the naturalization process, and there is no way you can take the Oath of Allegiance without it. Nonetheless, if you do not know much about this test, here are the most important […]

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Shifts in Immigration Policies Boost Asian Immigrants’ Growth in the US

Asian-Americans have officially taken over Latinos as the largest stream of new immigrants in the United States. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Asian Americans are also the nation’s best educated and highest paid income ethnic group.  Although there are significant differences among Asian Americans which vary from their country […]

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Why Was I Refused Entry to the US When I have a Valid Visa?

What does a visa mean to you? I remember in late 2009, a young Korean lady was held at John F. Kennedy airport in New York by a US Immigration Officer who was accusing the young lady of illegally using her valid tourist visa to enter into the United States to do temporary work. The officer began […]

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US Sponsorship Applications: What if I didn’t file to Remove Conditions on time?

If you are married for less than 2 years when your application for an immigrant visa was approved based on your marriage with a US citizen or a lawful permanent resident, your will be given conditional permanent residence status upon your entry to the United States. This measure is implemented to ensure that the marriage […]

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How do I sponsor a worker for a US Green Card?

If you are a prospective employer of a foreign national whom you want to sponsor to become a US permanent resident on the basis of  a permanent job offer, you must carefully examine the multifarious process involved. Before you proceed to the first step you need to  ascertain whether your prospective employee will meet any […]

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Green Card Permanent Residence for USA

When Can You Obtain a US Work Visa Without a Job Offer?

Normally, a job offer will be required of you when you want to work permanently as an immigrant or temporarily as a nonimmigrant in the United States. Some of you have probably heard that not all US work visas are issued on an approved petition filed on behalf of the worker by the prospective employee. […]

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approved usa visa application

H-1B Visas: What is an Employer–Employee Relationship?

How H-1B Employers must comply Why must United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) impose strict compliance on establishing proof of employer– employee relationship when all other requirements have been met for H-1B visas? Not only is the employer required to provide proof of petitioner–beneficiary’s relationship, the employer has to also show the relationship to […]

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Arizona’s Unfair US Immigration Law Not Dead Yet

US Immigration Law to get review Last year, the state of Arizona proposed and passed a US immigration law that unfairly targeted illegal immigrants in the states, which would have allowed police to detain anyone who “looked” illegal and ask them for proof of immigration status as well as make immigrants carry their proof of […]

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