Do Canadian Permanent Residents Require US Visitor Visas to Cross into the US?

If you are a Canadian Permanent resident and not a Canadian citizen, you may require a visa to enter the USA depending on what country you are from. For instance, if you are a Canadian PR from India, you will need to apply for a US Visitor Visa whereas if you are from, say, the UK, you will not. Some countries are subject to the US Visa Waiver Program. If you are from one of these countries, you will not require a US Visitor Visa to enter the US.


Andorra    Iceland    Norway
Australia    Ireland    Portugal
Austria    Italy    San Marino
Belgium    Japan    Singapore
Brunei    Latvia    Slovakia
Czech Republic    Liechtenstein    Slovenia
Denmark    Lithuania    South Korea
Estonia    Luxembourg    Spain
Finland    Malta    Sweden
France    Monaco    Switzerland
Germany    the Netherlands    United Kingdom
Hungary    New Zealand

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