Canadian PR Card Renewal on Humanitarian Grounds

Dear Niren,
My family have applied for citizenship and also PR Card renewal and meet the requirements.I do not have the residency requirements for renewal.Please advise me whether I qualify for the renewal on Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds as I own property and my family resides in Canada.


Applying for a PR Card renewal where you have not met the residency requirements (2 years in Canada within the last 5 years of applying) can be challenging. In order to maximize your chances of success, it is important that you provide Citizenship and Immigration Canada with a credible explanation for your absence from Canada along with supporting documentation to back it up. Further, it is important to show that you intend to and are able to maintain your residency going forward should your PR Card be renewed. Such applications based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds require careful preparation.  We  have written extensively on this subject here and here.

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