Did you know that the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program allows for Family Sponsorships by "distant relatives"?

How to come to Alberta through the Provincial Nominee Program

It is well known that under the Federal immigration system, Family Class sponsorships in Canada are restricted to spouses, common law partners, parents and grandparents (and dependent children).

If you are a member of the family class, you may be eligible to be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

However, what if wish to bring over your brother, sister, niece or nephew? Under the Federal program, you are out of luck…unless of course they qualify under a different immigration category such as the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program.

But if you happen to reside in Alberta where taxes are low and incomes are generally high, an added bonus is that such more “distant” relatives may possibly be candidates for sponsorship.

Below are some of the highlights of the Alberta PNP Family Stream program.

Family stream – Alberta Relative eligibility

An application under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) – Family Stream requires both an Alberta Relative and a Candidate.

Criteria for Alberta Relative (includes but is not limited to):

  • An Alberta Relative must complete a AINP Family Stream – Affidavit of Support (AINP 006A).
  • An Alberta Relative must be at least 21 years of age or older.
  • An Alberta Relative must be able to provide proof that he or she is the parent, child, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew of the Candidate (by birth or adoption).
  • An Alberta Relative must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and must be able to demonstrate he or she has been a citizen or permanent resident for at least two years.
  • An Alberta Relative must currently be a resident of Alberta, and must be able to demonstrate that he or she has been residing in Alberta for the past two years.
  • The Alberta Relative must be able to demonstrate employment, private pension or other regular source of income for the past 12 months OR a minimum of CAD $15,000 in unencumbered, transferable and available assets (jewellery, cars or other personal assets are not considered) over and above any income received from government transfer payments (e.g. Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, etc.).
  • An Alberta Relative must be able to show a detailed Settlement Plan for the Candidate and the Candidate’s accompanying family members (if applicable)
    • A Settlement Plan would describe how the Alberta Relative would help the Candidate and any accompanying family members (if applicable) with shelter, food, clothing, finding work in their field and integrating into the community. The Settlement Plan questions can be found in the AINP Family Stream – Affidavit of Support.
  • An Alberta Relative must fulfill their commitment of support under the AINP Family Stream prior to supporting another family member. The commitment of support is defined as two years from the date that the Candidate became a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Please note that there can only be one ongoing commitment of support per household at a time under the AINP Family Stream. A second commitment of support from a household could only be considered once the initial commitment has been fulfilled. If the Alberta Relative or anyone in the Alberta Relative’s household has already submitted an application under the AINP Family Stream where a decision has not yet been made or where a commitment of support is still in effect, a second application should not be submitted.

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