Changes to Canadian Work Permit Rules coming in April 2011

April 2011 Big Regulatory Changes for Canadian Work Permits

Applying for a Work Permit for Canada will become more difficult come April 2011. Regulations concerning “employer compliance” with respect to hiring temporary foreign workers will be coming into force in the new year.

In addition to demonstrating that the temporary foreign worker qualifies for the Canadian work permit in question, the Canadian employer will itself have to meet the compliance provisions of the proposed Regulations. These including showing “Genuineness” of the job offer to the applicant, establishment as a Canadian company and a commitment to providing the foreign worker with similar working conditions afforded to Canadian workers while employed in Canada.

Penalties for Non-Compliance for Canadian Work Permit Cases

More significantly, are the proposed penalties against Canadian employers non-compliance including being posted on a government website (a black-list of sorts) and  restrictions against  hiring foreign workers for a 2 year period.

There are  further details to be revealed and we will keep you posted as the information becomes available.

For now, Canadian employers be warned. If hiring a temporary foreign worker, Big Brother will be watching!

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