Expiring Canadian Permanent Resident Cards or a Canadian PR Card that has expired

What to do about an expiring or expired Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Canadian Permanent Resident cards (Canadian PR cards) are valid for a period of five years and need to be renewed in order for someone’s permanent residence status to remain valid.

Expiring Canadian PR Card

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recommends that a person with a Canadian PR card about to expire applies for a PR card renewal at least two months before the PR card expires.

The immigration officer who receives your application for PR card renewal will review your employment history, address and any travel outside of Canada in order to ensure you meet the residency requirements (living in Canada for 730 days within the past five years) for having your PR card renewed.

After the PR card is renewed, applicants will receive a notice in the mail telling them their new card is ready, upon which they have 180 days to pick up their new Canadian Permanent Resident card.

Expired Canadian PR Card

In some cases, a Canadian Permanent Resident may have to leave the country unexpectedly or have a personal emergency and be unable to renew their PR card before it expires.

If this happens, you must apply for a Travel Document at the Canadian office in the country you are currently in, but you must still meet the residency requirement and have lived in Canada for 730 days within the last five years. However, you can also try humanitarian and compassionate arguments if you have not met the residency requirement.

If you do run into this problem, it’s a good idea to speak to a qualified immigration lawyer.

Refused Canadian PR Card Renewal

PR Card renewal forms can be refused if an applicant has not lived in Canada for at least 730 days during the past five years, or the immigration officer did not receive all of the information that was necessary. To ensure that you qualify for a Canadian PR card renewal and that all of the necessary documentation is enclosed, contact a qualified immigration lawyer to avoid PR card delays or the refusal of your Permanent Resident card renewal application.

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