High IQ Test score may be required for Immigration to Canada! Only smart people need apply.

It was just announced new criteria for qualifying under Skilled Worker category may be significantly modified to include IQ scoring. According to the proposal, applicants must take an IQ Test and score at least 120 in order to be considered candidates for Canadian Permanent Residence. “Canada has made it a priority to attract the best and the brightest” according to a high ranking governnment official. “We are now taking this literally”.

A 120 IQ well exceeds the average score in just about every country including Canada.  The IQ Tests will be administered by a select group of Immigration Officers, some of whom have IQs under 80. After the news was announced, Mensa, the High IQ Society admitting members with high scores, has reported an influx of inquires from people world wide about how to join.  Membership in Mensa, many believe, would mean a  guaranteed ticket to Canada.

Some community groups are outraged by the proposals calling Canada the “snobbyist nation” in history. “Requiring IQ Scores that are off the charts sends a really elitist message to the rest of the world that Canada cares only about brains but not other human values such as compassion, hard work and even humor” says Conrad White, the leader of “The Average Joe Society”, representing people with “other qualities”.

However, the proposal is gaining support by certain sectors of society. Some are calling the measure a first step in creating a Brave New World for Canada where human computers will soon become a reality. One day, the supporters claim, Canada will have so many smart people, we will be able to think our way out of any problem rather than having to outsource solutions to much “smarter nations”.

If passed, the IQ Screening will be implemented,  next year April 1, which happens to fall on April Fools Day 🙂

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