The Four Most Common Canadian Permanent Residence Application Mistakes

Did you know a simple paperwork mistake can result in your Canadian permanent resident application being denied, refused or returned? Don’t make these simple mistakes.

Watch for these 4 PR Application Mistakes:

Using the wrong occupational code

One year of full-time work or an offer of full-time employment in one of 29 qualified occupations is needed to come to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program. Each occupation has an NOC (National Occupational Classification) code. For example, the code for Restaurant and Food Service Managers is 0631. The list was recently cut from 38 occupations to 29 occupations and experiences changes from time to time, so keep updated on the latest NOC codes for your occupation here

Submitting to the incorrect visa office location

Visa applications for various locations in Canada are processed through specific visa offices, and if you submit your Canadian permanent resident application to the wrong one it may be returned to you. Speak to an immigration lawyer to find the visa office you are supposed to send your Permanent Residence application to.

Paperwork errors

Errors or omissions on your Permanent Residency paperwork can result in the denial of your application or it being returned to you, eating up valuable time. Paperwork errors can be as simple as misspelling your name or spelling it differently on various forms, which is a common error if your native tongue includes written characters not of the English alphabet. Gaps between dates for previous addresses and missing signatures can also result in a denial.

Immigration applications require certain documents to process an application, and depending on the application and visa office these documents can include original forms or photocopies. Forgetting to include all of the required documents can result in an application denial.

Point calculation errors

Some immigration programs, such as Provincial Nominee Programs and the Federal Skilled Worker Program, require a certain amount of points for admission. Points are awarded in different increments for various levels of education, language proficiency and work history. It’s important to know exactly how many points you qualify for, because miscalculating these points can result in the denial of your permanent residence application.

Use a Qualified Immigration Lawyer

To ensure your immigration paperwork, including Canadian Permanent Resident applications, are complete and accurate, have a qualified immigration lawyer go over them for you before sending them out. It could mean the difference between permanent residence and a denial!

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