Attracting Students through the Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class for Students

On November 2, 2011, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney and Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary Goodyear, held a conference to highlight the Canadian Experience Class program and international students pursuing a PhD in Canada and to celebrate the 10,000th permanent resident accepted to Canada through the Canadian Experience Class.

Canadian immigration policies in recent years, including a substantial increase in the number of student visas issued, reflect that Canada welcomes international students and temporary foreign workers and encourages them to stay and become Canadian Permanent Residents.

The idea is that people who have acquired Canadian education or work experience are already settled into the community, have shown their commitment to Canada and have made an important contribution to Canada.

“Attracting and retaining immigrants with high levels of skill will help Canada compete in the knowledge-based world economy,” said Minister of State (Science and Technology) Gary Goodyear.

How to Qualify for the Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a fast-track Canada immigration option for international students and temporary foreign workers. To be eligible:

1)      You must have completed a program of study of at least two years at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution. Following that you must have obtained a post-graduation work permit and subsequently worked in a skilled, professional or technical position for at least one year for the past twenty-four months before the date of the application; or

2)      You  must have obtained at least two years of skilled, professional or technical work experience.

Starting November 5, 2011, 1,000 international students studying at the doctoral level in Canada are eligible to apply for permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program. To be eligible:

1)       applicants must have completed at least two years of study toward the attainment of a PhD and remain in good academic standing at a Canadian post-secondary educational institution or have completed a PhD in Canada within the last year.

“Doctoral graduates play a unique role in the economy,”said Minister Goodyear, “They drive research, encourage innovation, and pass along knowledge through teaching.”

The CEC and the PhD initiative represent Government of Canada’s most recent innovations aimed at ensuring Canada retains talented and motivated individuals. As Minister Kenney states:

“The CEC and the PhD initiative represent what we hope is the future of immigration to Canada: bright young people who have a Canadian education or work experience that will be recognized by Canadian employers, and who have strong English or French language skills. Such newcomers are set for success.”

Through these programs, those eligible can apply from within Canada and expect a decision quickly, whereas in the past, they spent several years waiting in the immigration queue.

Need more information about the Canadian Experience Class?

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