Canadian Immigration Help: Where do you turn?

Where to go for Canadian Immigration Help

Getting help with Canadian immigration cases is easier said than done. Where do you turn? Call a friend? Call the CIC Help Line? Go on the internet and pick a lawyer with the fanciest website?

Its seems with all the sources for help available, the challenging of finding an immigration service provider who can listen to your problem, offer a solution and run with it, is harder and harder for people. We get calls and email every day from desperate and frustrated people looking for answers to their immigration questions. People searching in the Yellow Pages, online, on the phone tell us that they are not getting the help they need to resolve their problems. This does not surprise us. With the information highway full of “options” people really have no guide or road map about how to decide who is for real’ what law firm can really do the job.

So in this blog, I will attempt to set the record strait for people searching for Canadian Immigration Help.

Tips for getting Canadian Immigration Help

Internet Search Terms for Canadian Immigration: Get specific

These days the internet is the go-to-source for everything including immigration information. Search the term “Canadian Immigration” and you will literally get millions of search results. Great but does this really help you? Not really. If you are searching for help online, be specific. If for example, you live in Toronto make sure your search term includes your location.  The results that will come up with be more specific and therefore relevant to your own situation. Also when you search for help, don’t be afraid to briefly describe your problem in the search term.

For example if you were denied entry to Canada, say so! You can search the following “denied entry to Canada toronto lawyer”. The number of search will results for such a request should not be in the millions but the quality of the results should be much improved and be more relevant to you.  Remember Google or other search engines are order-takers: you place your order and you will get what you ask for. In order to get what you want make sure you select specifically worded key word phrases that really describe your problem. The results will be much better and your chances of choosing an immigration service provider who can help you with your specific problem will be increased.

Help with Immigration: How to know who is good and “who is smoke and mirrors”

This isn’t easy. Once you narrow your search for Canadian immigration help down to say a few immigration law firms or lawyers, how do you know which one is best for you.

Here are some Tips on finding good immigration help

  • Google provides some answers. These days people like you who have gone through the immigration process can now post reviews online for all to see. Reviews are one of the best ways to determine if a law firm or lawyer has a good reputation, provide quality service etc. When you search for immigration help therefore, take a look at the online reviews. Read them all. Get a feel for the pricing, the level of service and accessibility that these law firms provide before you make a decks
  • Another way of gauging whether a law firm is worth its salt is to call them! First impressions are really important. When you call the firm, pay attention to how the receptionist takes your call. Is it a pleasant experience? Do they sound professional? Do they direct you to the right person who can help you? Your first impression in contacting a law firm will speak volumes about how you will be treated if you decide to retain that firm in the end.
  • You can also ask around. If you are one of the lucky one’s who know of a friend or family member who has used a particular lawyer or law firm before, there is nothing like a first-hand referral. Call that person and get his or her first hand account about what the experience was like. Did the law firm handle the case well and at a reasonable cost? Were the lawyers accessible?

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