How to Renew a PR Card

If you have a permanent resident card in Canada, you should know that it needs to be renewed every five years. There is an expiry date on the card, and we recommend applying to renew your permanent resident card (PR card) about three months before it is due to expire whenever possible. 

In order to renew your permanent resident card, you will make an application for a permanent resident card all over again. There is a section on the application for a permanent resident card application that the application is for a renewal, and you can indicate that on the form.

The same identity documents and supporting documentation that you included with your initial permanent resident application will be included with your renewal application. There is a document checklist that comes with the application package, so make sure you read it carefully and do not miss any pieces of information.
You must also indicate on your application that you’ve met the residency requirement, or residency obligation for permanent resident status in Canada. This means that you’ve lived in Canada for two of the last five years and can back it up with physical proof.

What if I missed the residency requirement?

The residency requirement is a very important component of your permanent resident card renewal application. After all, it is one of the major requirements for maintaining your permanent resident status in Canada. If you don’t meet the residency requirement, there is a chance you could lose your permanent resident status and face deportation from Canada. Because of the seriousness of this situation, you should contact a licensed immigration lawyer as soon as possible – there is a chance, if you have a valid reason for missing the requirement, that we can help you.

Your permanent resident card renewal application is in good hands if you assess it with us before submitting it. While this might only be your first or second time renewing your permanent resident card in Canada, we have helped process thousands of these applications and we can assist you, too. Make sure you get your application right the first time! Contact us using the form on the right or call us at the number above.

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