How to Renew a PR Card in Canada

A permanent resident card, or PR card, is also known as a Canadian green card. It is very similar to the United States green card, which is why it is referred to as such. It will allow someone to live and work in Canada as long as they make sure they maintain their permanent resident status.

Maintaining your permanent resident status

The three main things a Canadian permanent resident must do to maintain his or her permanent resident status in Canada are:

1. Abide by the law in Canada.
2. Meet the residency requirement for the minimum physical presence in Canada.
3. Renew their PR Card before it expires.

You must maintain your permanent resident status and always have a valid permanent resident card to ensure that you can travel outside of Canada and return to Canada easily.

How to renew your PR card

1. Obtain and fill out all of the necessary application forms to renew a permanent resident card. It is extremely important that you fill out these immigration application forms accurately and completely, leaving zero blank spaces and not making any mistakes. Mistakes on your PR card renewal form will result in the application being returned to you or refused.

2. Collect all of the supporting documentation that is required for a Canadian permanent resident card renewal, including passport photos, proof of identity and proof that you have met the residency requirement for the minimum physical presence in Canada over the last five year period during which your permanent resident card was valid. The documents you need can change depending on your circumstances, such as whether you are a minor or not.

3. Pay the fee to process your application, which can be done online or at a qualifying financial institution. You will have to enclose the receipt for paying this fee in your application package, at which point it can be mailed out.

4. Once the application is processed, you will receive notification from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that your card is ready to be picked up. You must pick it up within 180 days, otherwise you will have to start over.

If you want to ensure that your PR Card renewal application goes smoothly, please have an immigration lawyer review it for you before it is mailed – it could mean the difference between an approval or denial, especially if you have forgotten something. In addition, a lawyer can assist you if you have extenuating circumstances such as not having met the residency requirement or being outside of Canada at the time your permanent resident card expires.

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