Can You Get Into Canada If You Have A DUI

Getting into Canada while having a criminal record for DUI is a common concern many Americans have. It is very important that Canada is able to effectively secure its borders and keep people who may be dangerous out, but sometimes people who post no threat to Canada or Canadians are caught up in this red tape. While a DUI conviction is very serious, you may have completed your sentence and turned your life around. Despite this, you will still be inadmissible to Canada with a DUI on your criminal record. 

However, if you have a DUI on your criminal record and want to get into Canada, there are several things you can do. Some of these options involve merely overcoming your criminal inadmissibility while others wipe the inadmissibility away.

Before you consider these options, however, please know that it can be a great advantage to discuss your DUI conviction and criminal inadmissibility with a licensed immigration attorney who is experienced in denial of entry cases.

Get into Canada with a DUI

One of the most common ways to get into Canada with a DUI is a temporary resident permit, sometimes referred to as a visitor visa. This is like requesting special permission to enter Canada for an important reason such as a business conference or emergency despite that fact that you are criminally inadmissible. To obtain a temporary resident permit, you’ll have to meet several strict requirements and provide evidence to convince officials that you only have honest intentions, including: proof of your ties to the United States that show you won’t overstay and will return home, proof that you can financially support yourself and a valid passport.

You may also be eligible to apply for deemed rehabilitation nor criminal rehabilitation. Deemed rehabilitation is for when a significant amount of time has passed since your conviction, and immigration officers will look at your criminal case as well as the likelihood you will commit another crime. Criminal rehabilitation is for those whose crimes occurred more than five years ago, but these applications can take quite some time to process.

You may also be able to apply for a pardon or discharge.

Our immigration law firm has successfully handled thousands of denial of entry cases. We can help you too! Don’t panic, but call us as soon as you can for assistance. We can definitely make a difference in your outcome.

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