Refugee Job Opportunities in Canada

refugee-status-niren-associatesCanada is a nation that offers a much more lax employment and immigration environment than many others, welcoming in large numbers of foreigners each year given the nation’s relatively slow population growth and high opportunities for employment.  The Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) allows a group of noted refugees placement and employment within the nation each year, ranging from standing employment in a business to public sector work to working within the Board itself — they are currently actively seeking translators for new work!


Employment Centers For Refugee Status Immigrants

Upon arrival at an immigration center in Canada, it is necessary for any refugee to prove their ability to work in the country.  While English and French skills are necessary for foreigners to find employment, refugees are granted certain specialty conditions and may not need to have fluency in the nation’s two languages.  Those that do, however, are more likely to find employment and find higher-qualification employment.

In many provinces accepting refugees, a mentoring process takes place between new refugees and established refugees (who may have been granted citizenship).  In this process, the new arrival will work with their mentor, including

  • Understanding the business culture of Canada
  • Networking with employers and companies in the province
  • Attending business events to increase exposure
  • Get any training needed for employment
  • Develop a business plan if they want to start their own business

During this partnership, the mentors themselves will offer three to four months of training.

Employment Programs

While some refugees must pull up their roots and find a new way to earn a living once they make it to Canada, the board of Immigration and Refugee Services does make it easy for any refugee to continue whatever line of work they did in their home country before it was necessary to leave.  The process of applying for employment in the same field is relatively simple (it can all be done on the government website) and affords any newcomer the chance to pick up where they left off with a minimum of struggle to adjust.  It is necessary to be legally identified as a refugee and to live in Canada in order to be entered in to this process.

Qualifying For Refugee Status

Not just anyone can apply for refugee employment in Canada.  The nation adheres to the UN’s policy on classifying a refugee, meaning that standard immigrants may not be able to take advantage of the services.  Fear of returning to a country due to prosecution based on any factor including

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Political opinion

May define what it means to claim refugee status in Canada.  If they meet the qualifications, however, the Canadian government will work to place them within a job market and understand how best to adapt to the new country. The process of gaining refugee status can be daunting and it is often recommended that those seeking Canadian citizenship should consider the aid of an immigration expert. Niren & Associates have decades of combined experience dealing with matter such as this and may be able to help.

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