Am I eligible for an H1B Visa for the United States?

H1B work visa is a United States work permit for specific occupations. You could be eligible for one if you meet the requirements. Some of these requirements include: 

  • You are required to already have a job offer from a United States employer that pays the prevailing wage in that geographic area for the occupation in question.
  • The occupation in question usually requires a bachelor degree or higher, and the occupation always requires this higher level of education – not just this particular job opening.
  • You are qualified for the job with your work experience and not just your education.

In addition to these requirements, you’ll also have to ensure that you have several important pieces of documentation for your application for an H1B work visa, including:

  1. A prevailing wage determination to show that the job does indeed pay the prevailing wage for that occupation in the geographic region the job position is being offered in.
  2. An employer’s attestation that has information such as the nature of the occupation, the number of foreign workers the employer has hired and wages paid.
  3. You must obtain a copy of your employer’s petition, once approved, that petitions you for the visa and include this in your application.

If the H1B work visa for the United States does not seem like something you’d be eligible for, there are many other different types of United States work visas you can choose from. For example, the H2B work visa is available for people whose occupations do not require such a high level of education, while the TN visa is also available to Canadian citizens as well.

Before you apply for an H1B work Visa

The cap for the 2013 H1B visa applications was reached in April 2012, which means that the cap for the 2014 fiscal year may be announced soon or early next year. This means you should start getting your application and any relevant paperwork or supporting documentation (including your job offer) together immediately. The more prepared you are, the more confident you can be in the success of your application.

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