How to Get a Filipino Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

Currently, there are about 400,000 Filipinos living in Canada, and most of them hired a Filipino Immigration Lawyer in Toronto to help with the immigration process. Filipinos in Canada represent the fourth largest community of Filipinos outside of the Philippines, and this community of Filipino Canadians is continuing to grow every year.



Why Many Filipinos Immigrate to Canada

People are attracted to Canada for many reasons, including the country’s natural beauty and its economic opportunities. Although Canadian immigration laws are relatively welcoming to Filipinos, the immigration process is not always easy to navigate, and most aspiring Canadians will benefit by hiring a Filipino immigration lawyer in Toronto.

Moving From the Philippines to Toronto

Filipinos who are still living in the Philippines and who wish to move to Canada may be able to start their application process at home. The Canadian embassy in Manila offers Filipinos the opportunity to submit visa applications for working, studying, and travelling in Canada.

People who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently from the Philippines may be able to apply at the Manila embassy in some cases. In other cases, they may have to apply through another venue. For instance, if a Filipino wants to travel to Canada so that they can act as a live-in caregiver for their elderly relative who already lives in Canada, they may be able to do that at the embassy in Manila.

Entry Into Canada

Many Filipinos who come to Canada only intend to stay temporarily. They may enter Canada as a student or as a temporary worker, but once they are in Canada, they may fall in love with the country. Then, these people may decide that they want to stay permanently in Canada. Luckily, these people may be able to change the status of their visa, and they may be able to get permission to stay permanently. In order to stay permanently, however, they may have to submit a lot of detailed documents and forms.

Hiring a Filipino Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

The immigration process can be confusing for people who speak English fluently, but it can be especially difficult for people who do not speak English fluently. Luckily, there are immigration lawyers in Toronto who can help. There are many immigration lawyers in Toronto who speak Tagalog or Filipino. These immigration lawyers have the ability to make the visa application process easier for Filipinos. Contact immigration experts Niren and Associates to see if they can connect you with experienced Filipino Immigration Lawyers in Toronto.

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