What You Should Know About Toronto Immigration Policy

The world over, people migrate to other countries for several reasons— work, family, education, better prospects and more. Canada is a popular destination for immigrants and for years now, it has had a high per capita admission into the country. If you are looking at immigrating to Canada, here is what you need to know about the Toronto immigration policy.

Toronto Immigration Policy: Know the Requirements

If you are seeking permanent residence in Toronto, there are many details you’ll need to prepare.  In addition to filling out an application form, you’ll need to get many documents ready for processing. Here is the documentation you will need:

  • A Canadian immigration visa and a confirmation of permanent residence for every member of the family
  • Valid passports for each person or the equivalent travel documents
  • You must make a list of every personal item or household good you are carrying with you, and then make a copy of the list
  • You must make a list of all the items you are having shipped and how much each one costs, and have a second copy of the list available for authorities
  • When you get to Canada, you will have to get a Canada Border Services Agency form to document all of your belongings.

Additionally, you may also need the following, so it would be best to have them on hand:

  • Certificates related to birth, baptism, marriage, separation, divorce, adoption, etc.
  • All your school and college records and certifications
  • All your professional documentation and certifications
  • Reference letters from former employers
  • Detailed medical history
  • Copies of all your important documentation
  • Relevant car documents in case you are bringing one into the country as well.
  • Once you arrive, you will need to secure the following
  • A Permanent Resident Card
  • A Social insurance number
  • A valid driver’s license

Understanding The Toronto Immigration Policy

Immigration to any country is not an easy task, no matter how simple the procedure looks. There will be a few exceptions to the legislation and sometimes, no amount of personal research can be enough. Laws are dynamic and can change depending on the prevailing situation. What can really be of help is an immigration lawyer, as it is his job to remain abreast of all the latest changes in the law.

Most immigration happens as a result of people getting jobs in Canada, and an immigration lawyer will help you with your permanent residency via the Skilled Worker Class. There is something known as the National Occupation classification and a lawyer will be able to tell you where you stand on this assessment. Should you not score well, they will tell you how you can make up for it.


To be eligible for this assessment, there is a lot of documentation, and a lawyer will help you get through it. With the paperwork taken care of, you will be in a much better position to complete the formalities correctly.

The immigration laws are complex and most foreigners rarely comprehend the Toronto immigration policy. It is for this very reason that you should hire an immigration lawyer to handle the immigration process.


Any information provided here does not constitute legal advice and is intended for general information only. Should you require legal advise, you are encouraged to contact a lawyer directly. All blog postings are public and are not subject to solicitor/client confidentially. Case results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case, and case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any further case undertaken by the lawyer.

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