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Hire an immigration lawer

Do I Really Need an Immigration Lawyer?

If you are just beginning to scratch the surface of the difficult and complicated immigration process in the United States or in Canada, you may have been considering whether or not to hire an immigration lawyer or an immigration consultant.  What is the difference between an Immigration Consultant and an Immigration Lawyer? An immigration consultant […]

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Immigration Crime Rate

The Key to Keeping Canada’s Crime Rate Low – Immigration

According to a new article published by the CBC, immigrants to Canada have a significant impact on Canada’s crime rates, in the sense of keeping them low. Canada’s crime rate is currently at the lowest its been since the 1970s, while Canada’s immigration rate is at the highest it has ever been. Immigration and immigrants […]

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Types of United States Work Visas

Five Types of Work Visas For The United States

Working in the United States is a possibility for many foreign nationals – including Canadian citizens – thanks to the large number of United States work visas and work permits that are available. But which one is right for you?  It may seem like there is a visa for everyone, but each of these United […]

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Eniko Reka Kincses Deportation from Canada

Saskatchewan Woman and Daughter Face Deportation From Canada

A woman in Saskatchewan and her daughter are facing deportation from Canada because her daughter has cerebral palsy. Eniko Reka Kincses and her daughter Boglarka are scheduled for deportation on January 30th. According to the Saskatchewan Star-Phoenix, Boglarka’s disability makes her ineligible to be a permanent resident of Canada because she would place an excessive […]

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Can Canadians Do Business in The United States

Can A Canadian Do Business in the United States?

If you are a Canadian who wants to visit the United States, you would normally just have to meet the regular requirements for entry to the United States and present your Canadian passport to be allowed in. But if you’re a Canadian or other foreign national who needs to go to the United States for […]

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Start-Up Visa for Entrepreneurs

Canada to launch New Start-Up Visa on April 1

No this is not an April Fools joke as far as we can tell. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has announced that it will be launching a new type of visa on April 1st, 2013 for immigrant entrepreneurs. According to Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney, “Our new Start-Up Visa will help make Canada the […]

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Work in the United States as a Canadian

Apply for a TN Visa to work in the United States

Whether or not Canadian citizens can work in the United States is one of the most common questions asked by Canadians who are interested in the subject. In fact, Canadian citizens can indeed work in the United States. While Canadian citizens may need a work visa like anyone else who wants to work in the […]

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Actor Randy Quaid

Actor Randy Quaid Denied Permanent Residency, Appeals Decision

Randy Quaid is a famous American actor known for his more goofy characters like Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon’s Vacation series, and for more serious roles like his supporting role in the film Brokeback Mountain. He has also been nominated for an Academy Award. The last we heard from Randy Quaid (brother of Dennis […]

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Canadian Citizenship Applications

Canadian citizenship applications taking longer than four years to be processed

Obtaining citizenship in Canada is already a long process. It is extremely worthwhile and a dream for many residents in Canada, but it is still a lengthy process regardless. For one, a permanent resident already has to live in Canada for three years before applying for Canadian citizenship, and that is not taking into account […]

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Canadian Embassies

Listings for the Canadian Embassy in…

We have compiled a list of all of the contact information for Canadian embassies and Canadian consulates around the world. Whether you are looking for the Canadian Embassy in Cameroon, the Canadian Embassy in Chandigarh, the Canadian Embassy in Malaysia, the Canadian Embassy in Taiwan, the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh or anywhere else in the […]

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Immigration Fraud

Woman Sentenced To Once Year House Arrest for Immigration Fraud

A woman in Calgary has been sentenced to one year of house arrest after being convicted of immigration fraud for misrepresenting herself. The woman used a false identity to make a refugee claim, and ended up pleading guilty to her charge.  It was a public tip that led the Canada Border Services Agency’s Criminal Investigations […]

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Questions for an immigration lawyer

Five Questions to Ask an Immigration Lawyer

When you are deciding on which immigration lawyer you would like to help you with your case, you should have some questions prepared in advance so that you can get a good idea of how it will be working with that particular immigration lawyer. Remember, a good immigration lawyer will be expecting these questions and […]

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Entering Canada with a DUI or DWI

If you have a DUI or DWI conviction, you may be inadmissible to Canada. It all depends when the conviction was entered, how many convictions you had, the surrounding circumstances and the reason why you wish to enter Canada. But generally DUI charges are a reason for being refused at the border How do I enter Canada with a […]

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Canadian Visa Applications

Applying for a Canadian Visa? Expect it to be checked in the United States

A new Canadian and United States information sharing agreement that was recently signed will ensure that anyone who applies for a visa to enter Canada will also be checked against immigration database in the United States to make sure they are not blacklisted in the US first. Millions of Canadian visa applicants will be affected […]

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Citizenship Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney

Lawsuit against Citizenship and Immigration Canada for terminated permanent residency applications opens

The long-awaited lawsuit filed by 1,000 people against Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has opened. The lawsuit was filed by many of the applicants who had been waiting for their permanent residency applications to be processed, some of whom had been waiting eight years. But in order to […]

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