Canadian Athletes and Spectators are Excited to Witness the 2012 Olympic Events

The 2012 Olympic Games will finally unveil during the ceremony magnificent observance of  the British culture. The Team Welcome Ceremonies formally invite all nations to the Olympic Games.

In the Opening Ceremonies, the host nation will showcase its best and will feature the parade of all nations that are competing in the Games, and the most awaited entryway of Olympic Flame that will set fire to the Cauldron indicating the commencement of the Games.

On the opening day, the world is expected to have their eyes on London for various activities and events. The ceremonies will give spectators an opportunity to have a view on the culture of the host city and the United Kingdom, and to watch the artistic prowess of Danny Boyle, the artistic director, and his team.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games trace their roots as far back as the first held olympics in Greece and have progressed over the ages.

Events to watch out for

  • The performance flaunting artistry welcoming competing nations to the 2012 Olympic Games in London

  • The “Isles of Wonder”, name for the opening ceremony, will kick in with the sound of the biggest harmonic bell in Europe.

  • The participation of the Green and Pleasant that will show off real animals from the farmyard.

  • The special event celebrating the best of the British inventions.

  • The event when the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will receive the host country’s Head of the State at the entrance of the Olympic Stadium. Her Majesty the Queen will be greeted with honor by Jacques Rogge.

  • The parade of athletes according to their nations.

  • Speeches will be delivered by LOCOG Chairperson Seb Coe and then later by Jacques Rogge. The speeches will end up inviting the Head of the State to make the official declaration that the Games are open.

  • After the Olympic Games have been officially declared open, the Olympic Flag carrier will enter waving the flag into the air while the Games’ anthem is played. The flag will be waved around in a noticeable spot in the stadium for the duration of the Games.

  • The Torch and Cauldron will mark the big finale of the Olympic Flame entrance in the Stadium as it is passed to the final torchbearer who shall finally light the Cauldron.

Travel Plan

While roughly 15,000 individuals are going to participate in the opening and closing ceremonies and an estimated four billion audience are witnessing the events, more and more travelers are applying for visitor visas in order to attend to the spectacular activities.

Even the official website itself of the London 2012 provides a link to a Spectator Journey Travel page where alien nationals may book an air travel either individually or by group.

Visitor visa, which is popularly known as tourist visa, is the official document needed in order to enter a foreign country for a limited period of time subject to the condition that once the visa expires, the visa holder will leave the country or return to his or her home country.

Visiting United Kingdom

The UK Border Agency has categorized visitors according to a visa classification that an individual needs. Different documentation is need for each of the four categories:

  • Spectators
  • Athletes, coaches, officials and accredited media
  • Other accredited people, such as specialist volunteers, in accreditation category codes OCOG, S or X
  • Non-accredited media

In Canada, there are a number of people who like to personally witness the events in the 2012 Olympic Games and cheer for Canadian athletes, game officials, and for veteran triathlete Simon Whitfield who shall carry and wave the flag of Canada.

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