Skilled Worker Application: Calculating Points to Come to Canada

Calculating Points to Come to Canada as a Skilled Worker

Some Canadian immigration methods require the calculating of points to determine whether or not you are eligible for the Skilled Worker category. Points are calculated based on education level, language proficiency, experience, age, employment opportunities and adaptability.

Calculating education points

For education, the maximum available is 25 points. A master’s degree or PhD as well as 17 years of full-time study qualifies for 25 points, while completing high school qualifies for 5 points.

Calculating language proficiency points

For language proficiency, the maximum is 24 points and this is awarded to immigrants who demonstrate high language proficiency in either English or French when speaking, listening, reading or writing. Whichever level of proficiency best suits you, you will have to prove it.

Calculating work experience points

For work experience, the maximum number of points awarded is 21. The number of points awarded in this category is based on the number of years spent in full-time work in a designated occupation.

Calculating age points

The maximum number of points awarded in the age category is 10, which is given to those between the ages of 21 and 49. Ages that are higher and lower receive fewer points, and ages below 16 or over 54 receive 0 points.

Calculating arranged employment points

A maximum of 10 points is awarded under the arranged employment category, for people who currently work in Canada or have job offers.

Calculating adaptability points

A maximum of 10 points can be awarded for an applicant’s adaptability, which can depend on the level of education their spouse has, their previous work in Canada, their previous study in Canada, relatives living in Canada and arranged employment in Canada.

The maximum possible score when calculating points is 100 points.

Different immigration programs have different point levels required for admission to the program. For Skilled Worker Immigration, the minimum passing mark is 67 points. However, self-employed persons, investors and entrepreneurs all require only 35 points.

Note there are other nuances not mentioned here with respect to calculating points. But this should give you a a basic understanding of how the system works.

Errors in calculating immigration points are one of the most common Canadian immigration application errors that can have your application returned to you or worse, denied. This can result in you missing out on a Canadian immigration opportunity because there are caps on these immigration streams and they fill up extremely fast.

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