Five Ways To Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

Immigration is a process that amounts to much more than simply paperwork. However, there is still a lot of paperwork involved, namely submitting your immigration application and supporting documentation. Your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer, who has many immigration applications they must review every day. If your immigration application is not up to par, it could be delayed or denied. Make Your Immigration Application Stand Out

How to fill out your immigration application properly

Tip 1: Never leave any blank spaces on an immigration form. A blank space could make an immigration officer assume that something is wrong, or that you have forgotten something. But you may still find that something does not apply to you when you are reading over your application form. Write “not applicable” in the space instead of leaving it blank.

Tip 2: The majority of immigration applications will have a document checklist that comes with them. These checklists are designed so that you can make sure you include all of the pieces of supporting documentation needed for the application to be processed. These may include copies of your birth certificate, your passport, your academic transcripts, your resume and more. In addition, there are specific requirements for these as mentioned on the checklist. Follow this checklist to the letter.

Tip 3: In some cases you may not be able to provide every piece of supporting documentation. It is never okay to just leave something out without explanation, otherwise the immigration officer will assume you forgot something and then your application cannot be processed properly. If something is unavailable, write up a cover letter that explains why.

Tip 4: Photocopy everything when you make any kind of immigration application. Photocopy the completed application form and photocopy the courier slip if you submit your application via courier to ensure you have proof the application was submitted.

Tip 5: Have a licensed immigration lawyer review your application. No matter how careful someone is when they fill out a form and even if they have checked it over several times, there is always the possibility that they have made a mistake – especially if they have never filled out an immigration application before. A licensed immigration lawyer is a fresh pair of expert eyes that will ensure your application is ready for processing.

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