Sex Workers Attending 2012 AIDS conference Denied US Visa

After hundreds of frustrated sex workers, who were seeking to enter the United States to participate in the 2012 International AIDS conference, have been denied US visas by immigration officers, they started conducting their own meeting in Calcutta India on Saturday in protest against the refusal.

Sex Worker Participants

The seven-day event in the Eastern Indian city is participated by 550 sex worker representatives from India and 41 others nations, according to its organizer.

Bharati De, secretary of the Committee for Coordination of Indomitable Women that appeared on behalf of sex workers in Calcutta, said that the sex workers who were refused US visas had only wished to participate in the US Conference to fight the global challenge of HIV or AIDS

Denied US Visas

The conference attended in India by sex workers who were denied US visas is called Freedom Festival that will contemplate on seven freedoms, which would help sex workers to reduce their susceptibility to contracting HIV.

  1. the right to work
  2. the right to move
  3. the right to have access to health care
  4. the right to participate
  5. the right to organize
  6. the right to be free of violence
  7. the right to be free from discrimination

The 2012 International AIDS Conference

  • The 2012 International AIDS conference will be held at Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington on July 22 to 27.
  • The conference will assemble lawmakers, scientists, advocates, delegates, and people infected with HIV or AIDS in working toward ending the disease.
  • The Conference is held every two years.
  • Twenty-five thousand people are expected in the event, including famous celebrities, scientists, and HIV victims.

The convention has returned to the United States since 1990 when a US law prevented HIV infected people from entering the country. The same sentiments are now shared by sex workers who felt they were banned from traveling to the US because of the US visa denial.

Over 34 million people around the world have been infected with HIV, while there are roughly 30 million have died of AIDS-related illnesses since the disease first came out in the 1980s.

US Visa Denial

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