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Fraud Immigration Consultants

How to Avoid Scams When Seeking Immigration to the United States

William (not his real name), an Asian stockbroker, has long wanted to immigrate to the United States to seek the fulfillment of his dreams. Unfortunately, after spending a huge sum of money, all his hopes and dreams vanished in thin air when he discovered that he was duped into believing some scam artists who prey […]

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Canadian Model and Playboy Shera Berchard Gets O-1 Visa for US

Shera Bechard is not a nobel prize winning scientist.  She is not a brilliant linguist.  She’s also not a Pulitzer Prize winning writer.  Still, Bechard, the Canadian-born former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner is by nonetheless considered to be a genius. Shera Berchard did it! Well, she is in terms of USCIS’s policy on issuing O […]

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A Bit More On Canada’s New Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

Consultations begin for entrepreneur immigration program We recently blogged about the Canadian government considering a brand-new Canadian Entrepreneur Immigration program after they cancelled the program after ten years with little notice. The entrepreneur immigration program was popular, and had a backlog of 10,000 applications from interested entrepreneurs. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has provided an official […]

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Immigration Lawyer Charged By RCMP for Allegedly Coaching Clients To Lie

Immigration Lawyer allegedly encouraged clients to make up stories A Windsor immigration lawyer has been charged with fabricating evidence, counseling misrepresentation and misrepresentation by the RCMP following a police investigation that saw the lawyer and her assistant allegedly coach refugees to make up stories in order to stay in Canada. The full article can be […]

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Canadian Government Wipes Out 200,000 Waiting Skilled Worker Applications In 2012 Budget

2012 budget erases skilled worker applications that have been waiting processing for years The 2012 Federal Budget was announced yesterday, and along with getting rid of the Canadian penny, the federal government also did away with the current waiting list of 200,000 foreign worker applications. The workers’ application fees, totaling about $130 million, will be […]

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Good changes to United States Visa system? Don't hold your breath.

Attracting more foreign skilled workers with United States visas The Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization, has released a new policy brief that recommends that the United States visa system undergo certain changes, including automatic Green Cards for foreign students who graduate from math and science programs as well as creating a digital United […]

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Eating your way to the US: O-1 Visa issued to "Professional Eater"

New Use for O-1 Visa: professional eater I thought I had seen it all. Obviously not. It turns out that if you are really good at eating lots of food under strict time constraints in front of cheering fans, you may be eligible for an 0-1 Visa.  As mentioned in previous blogs, 0-1 visas are […]

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US Work Permit Applications: A Client's Experience at the Toronto Airport

US Work Permit Application goes smoothly thanks to Niren and Associates Dear Mary, I thought I’d drop you a note. Those Homeland Security people can be pretty tough. I arrived at the Toronto Airport for my US Work Permit application 6:30am and found a list outside. I wrote my name in and noticed well more […]

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US Work Permit: Many Visas, Many Options

There are many types of US Work Permits Working  and living in the US is a dream for many people. We receive inquires from people wishing to live and work in the US on a regular basis. In most cases, in order to work in the US, you need a US Work Permit which requires […]

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The O-1 Visa for Working in the USA in the Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics

How does the O-1 Visa work? I met with a client this week that had spoken to a number of other lawyers with respect to his working in the United States. I will call this person by a fictitious name “Al.” Al was happy to hear a suggestion with respect to his case scenario. Al […]

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