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Canadians retiring  in the US Visa

How to Retire in the USA from Canada

We get a lot of Canadians asking us how can they retire in the US. Many baby boomers and elderly Canadians entering retirement are looking to settle in a warmer climate especially during the harsh Canadian winter months. No Retirement Visa for the US The challenge is that there is really no “retirement visa” for the US. I don’t […]

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Hurricane Sandy USCIS Office Closures

Below is a reproduction of the bulleton outlining USCIS Offices that are closed due to Hurricane Sandy Due to Hurricane Sandy the offices listed below will be closed or open late on: Tuesday, October 30, 2012. All applicants appointments will be rescheduled to the next available appointment date; applicants do not need to do anything to request a […]

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Denied Entry to the US?

Sex Workers Attending 2012 AIDS conference Denied US Visa

After hundreds of frustrated sex workers, who were seeking to enter the United States to participate in the 2012 International AIDS conference, have been denied US visas by immigration officers, they started conducting their own meeting in Calcutta India on Saturday in protest against the refusal. Sex Worker Participants The seven-day event in the Eastern […]

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US Officials Denied Permanent Residence Applicant with Gang Tattoos

As part of his application for US permanent residence, native Mexican Hector Villalobos traveled back to Mexico from Colorado to attend to his visa interview with a US immigration officer. In order to complete his application process, he needed to stay for a few months in his home country. Officer refused the tattooed guy Seven […]

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How to Avoid Scams When Seeking Immigration to the United States

William (not his real name), an Asian stockbroker, has long wanted to immigrate to the United States to seek the fulfillment of his dreams. Unfortunately, after spending a huge sum of money, all his hopes and dreams vanished in thin air when he discovered that he was duped into believing some scam artists who prey […]

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Canadian Model and Playboy Shera Berchard Gets O-1 Visa for US

Shera Bechard is not a nobel prize winning scientist.  She is not a brilliant linguist.  She’s also not a Pulitzer Prize winning writer.  Still, Bechard, the Canadian-born former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner is by nonetheless considered to be a genius. Shera Berchard did it! Well, she is in terms of USCIS’s policy on issuing O […]

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Shifts in Immigration Policies Boost Asian Immigrants’ Growth in the US

Asian-Americans have officially taken over Latinos as the largest stream of new immigrants in the United States. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Asian Americans are also the nation’s best educated and highest paid income ethnic group.  Although there are significant differences among Asian Americans which vary from their country […]

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Man using passport scan to cross US border results in criticisms

Scanned passport results in entry to the United States Canadians know that they need a valid passport in order to cross the US border and gain entry into the United States. But over the holidays, one Canadian man was allegedly able to cross the US border using only a digital scan of his passport contained […]

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Annual H-1B Visa Quota filled for 2011: A possible blessing in disguise for Canadians

H-1B Visas Applications now Filled The annual 65000 H-1B Visa quota has been filled as of November 2012. This means that no H-1B Applications will be accepted until the visa category opens again in April 1 2012. Many H-1B Petitioners were surprised to learn the news this week as there were still 1000s of openings […]

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Happy 2011 Thanksgiving to our American Friends and Immigration Clients

Its turkey time again south of the border and while it hasn’t been the best year for the US in terms of the economy and geo-political developments, there is always a lot to be thankful for as Americans. America is a free country founded on the principle of individual rights where its citizens can pursue […]

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US Immigration Jails Make “Big Money” With Mandatory Immigration Detention

What is Mandatory Immigration Detention in the US? Immigration detention may affect anyone from lawful permanent residents to recent refugee claimants in the US, because the loopholes that allow the authorities such as the Department of Homeland Security and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to arrest immigrants are broad. Traffic stops, home or employment raids as […]

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Montreal Immigration Lawyer

New E-2 Visa Procedures in Vancouver

E-2 Visa Filing changes in Vancouver The US Consulate in Vancouver has begun a new E-2 visa application process. All the supporting documentation for an E-2 application is no longer needed to be sent ahead of the interview for adjudication. Officers are now looking at the supporting documentation or the “meat of the application” for […]

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Questionable Treatment of Immigrant Detainees in U.S.

US Immigration Detainees Mistreated In a press release today, Human Rights Watch – an independent organization which strives to focus international attention on violations of human rights worldwide – released a stunning statement regarding the treatment of immigrant detainees in the United States. Along with the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center (FIAC), Human Rights Watch illuminated […]

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Happy 4th of July to our American Friends

We here in Canada have just celebrated our July 1 holiday and now it’s time for our US friends to celebrate their Day of Independence. 4th of July is a special day not just for Americans but for all those who cherish freedom and individual rights. Despite the bad “PR” that Americans often get especially […]

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What Arizona Immigration Law? Alabama passes even worse US immigration law

New US immigration law may make life miserable for illegal immigrants The Federal government intervened and amended the super-strict Arizona immigration law before it passed last summer removing the parts of the law that unfairly targeted minorities living in the state. Initially, the law gave power to law enforcement that would allow them to stop […]

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