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Canadian Border Problems? Crossing into Canada

We get a lot of inquiries from people having problems at the Canadian border. Canada has one of the largest land borders in the world and hundreds of thousands cross into Canada each year. Most are admitted as visitors, students or workers but many do get denied entry. There are many reasons for being denied […]

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Work Permit Approved at Niagara Bridge: No Hassles

Hello Shabnam, We are pleased to report that Ippei  is now in possession of a Work Permit. We  crossed the border at Niagara Rainbow Bridge on Friday Oct 26. It took 20 mins of processing time for Ippei to enter US. Returned on the same bridge 2 hours later  and got processed at Immigration Canada […]

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More human rights groups speak out against Bill C-31

Justice for Refugees and Immigrants Coalition speaks out against Bill C-31 Last week we blogged about Human Rights Watch and their open letter to Canadian MPs about the new Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, Bill C-31. The law is set to come into effect this summer. According to this article in the Vancouver Sun, the […]

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Refugee Claims in Canada – the luck of the draw?

Does the approval/denial of a refugee claim depend on which adjudicator’s lap your claim lands in? The CBC just posted an article that shows a disturbing trend in refugee claim approval rates. A York University assistant professor used the Access to Information Act to go over all of the Immigration and Refugee Board claims for […]

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Canada-United States border crossings: more security measures likely

US Senate for more scrutiny on Canada-United States border A Senate hearing later in May will put renewed focus on the Canada-United States border, pushing for higher security. The Canada-United States border is the longest border in the world – measuring 6,400 kilometers – but many American politicians are concerned about its security, according to […]

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My friend is Mexican and has been detained by Canada Immigration: What can I do?

Mexican Arrest leads to Immigration Detention Assuming that the reason for your Mexican friend’s immigration detention is because he or she illegal or has a criminal record, then your friend can appear before a Member before the Immigration and Refugee Board for a hearing. The hearing is called a Detention Review where the Member will […]

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You are now being "Spotted" at Canadian Airports

New Canadian Airport Security Measures As our ongoing effort to inform the pubic about Airport Security, we have learned that along with the introduction of controversial full-body scanners and other new security regulations, Canadian airports will now include specially trained officers who “spot “suspicious individuals based on their behaviour and how they look or dress. […]

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Entry to Canada Approved at Toronto Airport

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your help in getting Han’s visa. It was an uphill battle right from the start but with your dedication, hard work and good advice, he is finally here. I cannot thank you enough. After being separated for two years, it was so nice […]

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Canadian Border Crossing a Success

Hi Lily,   We really appreciate all the effort you put in to preparing the Canadian entry crossing information package.  It helped a lot to have it together – certainly it helped with our confidence when we entered the Canadian border station!   The officer that we dealt with at the border was quite decent. […]

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