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Canadian Citizenship Applications

Canadian citizenship applications taking longer than four years to be processed

Obtaining citizenship in Canada is already a long process. It is extremely worthwhile and a dream for many residents in Canada, but it is still a lengthy process regardless. For one, a permanent resident already has to live in Canada for three years before applying for Canadian citizenship, and that is not taking into account […]

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Revoked Canadian citizenship

Canadian Citizenship Being Revoked From 500 People

Over 500 people who have Canadian citizenship have been informed this year by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that they will be having their Canadian citizenship revoked because they obtained it fraudulently.  This is a very significant step by the government, who has only revoked about 50 Canadian citizenships since 1947. And those citizenships were mostly […]

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Revoking Canadian Citizenship: Beware if you didn't disclose your past

Revoking Canadian Citizenship: Beware if you didn’t disclose your past

Lots of news about the government cracking  down on citizenship fraud. Many applicants are not disclosing that they had past criminal records in order to obtain Canadian citizenship. The government is now looking back at these cases and is taking steps to revolk Canadian citizenship Applications and even move towards deportation.  So what are the rules […]

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Language Requirements

Canadian Citizenship Applicants Must Meet New Language Requirements

According to the office of the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, as of November 1st, 2012, new applicants for Canadian citizenship will have to prove that they have proficient language abilities when they apply for their citizenship.  As of right now, Canadian citizenship applicants must pass a written test that proves their language ability. […]

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Over 3,000 Canadian Citizenships to be Revoked

Canadian Government Orders Canadian Citizenships Revoked According to this CBC News article, the Canadian government has ordered the removal of 3,100 Canadian Citizenships after investigating over 11,000 different cases. While the process of removing citizenship can take months or years, 19 people have had their Canadian Citizenship revoked so far. According to Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism […]

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Robin Thicke was Refused Canadian Citizenship

Despite his celebrity status, Robin Thicke, the 35-year-old son of Canadian superstar Alan Thicke has his application for Canadian citizenship for his two-year-old son, Julian denied.   Quick look on Thicke’s Citizenship Robin, who was born in the United States, was never able to obtain Canadian citizenship because Alan never applied to make him a […]

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Why are more immigrants failing the Canadian Citizenship test?

Canadian Citizenship test final step to becoming a Canadian Citizen According to this Globe and Mail article, more and more immigrants are failing the Canadian Citizenship test. Canada welcomes about 170,000 new Canadian citizens per year, and Canadian Citizenship differs from permanent residency because citizens can hold a Canadian passport and vote in elections. The […]

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Canada Permanent Residence

How To Appeal A Canadian Citizenship Refusal

Canadian Citizenship is the end-goal for many immigrants who come to Canada to start a new life. People who are permanent residents in Canada can apply for Canadian citizenship after a designated period, usually after they have resided in Canada for three years out of a four-year time frame. Why Apply for Canadian Citizenship? Canadian […]

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Canada Day 2012 Activities in and around Toronto and Ontario

In celebration of Canada’s 145th birthday, countless citizens across Canada, permanent residents and immigrants who have just been conferred citizenship have reasons to wave red and white flags while saying “Happy Canada Day!” The day is jammed with activities and fun. There are separate events for kids, random music bash, food festivals, and many local […]

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Lost Canadians without Canadian Citizenship still a problem

Canadians without Canadian Citizenship a persistent problem Last year, we blogged about Lost Canadians several times. If you didn’t catch them, check out these blog posts here and here. Lost Canadians are people who lost their Canadian Citizenship or never had it in the first place – unknown to them – because of small bureaucratic […]

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Man Denied Canadian Citizenship, Wrongly Accused Of Mouthing Oath

Man denied Canadian Citizenship at Canadian Citizenship ceremony A few months ago, Citizenship and Immigration Canada implemented a rule that mandated no one could have their faces covered when they took the Canadian Citizenship oath. This meant that Muslim women would not be able to wear face coverings when reciting the oath, so that they […]

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Canadian Government may continue to limit sponsorship of parents and grandparents

Options to further limit sponsorship of parents and grandparents considered Late last year, the Canadian Government put the sponsorship of parents and grandparents on hold due to a backlog of applications. Instead, they introduced the Super Visa, which is a 10-year, multiple-entry visa for temporary visits. The program is currently under review as Citizenship, Immigration […]

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Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren quoted in CBC News story on new Canadian Citizenship rules

Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren on Canadian Citizenship The story of the Canadian government potentially changing Canada’s historic tradition of birthright Canadian citizenship has caught the attention of many Canadians and is all over the media. Several media organizations have called on the expertise of our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren, who was quoted in a […]

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Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren on CTV News: Canadian Citizenship

The potential elimination of birthright citizenship in Canada is a story we’ve been following closely on our blog in the last few days. Recently, an article out of Hong Kong said that immigration consultants were encouraging Chinese women to hide their pregnancies and come to Canada to give birth so that their babies will automatically […]

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Our own Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren quoted in Yahoo Canada News article on Canadian Citizenship changes

Immigration lawyer Michael Niren quoted in Yahoo Canada News on rumoured Canadian Citizenship legislation changes This past weekend, our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren gave his two cents on the rumoured changes to Canadian Citizenship laws in this Yahoo Canada News Article. As we recently discussed on our blog, the Canadian government may remove birthright […]

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