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Refugee Job Opportunities in Canada

Canada is a nation that offers a much more lax employment and immigration environment than many others, welcoming in large numbers of foreigners each year given the nation’s relatively slow population growth and high opportunities for employment.  The Immigration Refugee Board (IRB) allows a group of noted refugees placement and employment within the nation each year, […]

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What Is A “Safe Country” According To Bill C-31?

What Is A “Safe Country” According To Bill C-31? Bill C-31 is set to come into effect this summer, with a safe countries list intact. This list was one of the provisions that had to be removed in order for the bill to finally pass, but now that the Conservative government has a majority they […]

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Family’s Immigration Paperwork Lost In Mail, Faces Deportation From Canada

Humanitarian Grounds application never received, leads to deportation from Canada A family originally from Guinea faces deportation from Canada after their immigration paperwork was lost in the mail. After initially having their refugee claim denied, the family appealed on humanitarian grounds, which never made it to any immigration offices. Despite a new application being filed, […]

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Bill C-31 could lead to approved refugee claimants being deported

We’ve been blogging quite a bit about the new Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, also known as Bill C-31. You can read more about it here. Much more harm will come from Bill C-31 than good Bill C-31 was initially passed last year only after certain key, controversial and harmful parts were removed. But now […]

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Immigration Lawyer Charged By RCMP for Allegedly Coaching Clients To Lie

Immigration Lawyer allegedly encouraged clients to make up stories A Windsor immigration lawyer has been charged with fabricating evidence, counseling misrepresentation and misrepresentation by the RCMP following a police investigation that saw the lawyer and her assistant allegedly coach refugees to make up stories in order to stay in Canada. The full article can be […]

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More human rights groups speak out against Bill C-31

Justice for Refugees and Immigrants Coalition speaks out against Bill C-31 Last week we blogged about Human Rights Watch and their open letter to Canadian MPs about the new Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, Bill C-31. The law is set to come into effect this summer. According to this article in the Vancouver Sun, the […]

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Human Rights Watch to Canada: STOP Bill C-31

Human Rights Watch, a non-government organization that monitors human rights world wide, has published a letter sent to Canadian MPs regarding Bill C-31, also known as the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, because it violates the rights of refugees in Canada. We’ve blogged about this before. If you’re unfamiliar with the threat this bill poses […]

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Refugee Claims in Canada – the luck of the draw?

Does the approval/denial of a refugee claim depend on which adjudicator’s lap your claim lands in? The CBC just posted an article that shows a disturbing trend in refugee claim approval rates. A York University assistant professor used the Access to Information Act to go over all of the Immigration and Refugee Board claims for […]

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Canada rejecting most of refugee claims from Afghan interpreters: Niren and Associates Quoted

Two-thirds of Afghan interpreter refugee claims denied According to this article over at the CBC where your’s truly is quoted, Canada is rejecting most of the refugee claims filed by Afghan interpreters. In 2009, the program that intended to help out Afghan interpreters who provided a vital service to Canadian soldiers was announced by Citizenship, Immigration and […]

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Canadian Government plans to reduce refugees revealed in letter

Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) Program affected It was revealed last week that Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney sent a letter to non-profit refugee sponsorship organizations telling them the Canadian Government was planning on reducing the number of refugees allowed to be sponsored by Canadians under the PSR Program. Refugees to Canada declining […]

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A few Canadian immigration updates from Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Canadian Immigration Minister proposes eliminating refugee class Canadian Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has submitted a proposal to remove one of the three refugee classes in Canada. The class which would be eliminated is the source-country class, which has a list of specific countries from which people can apply to Canada for refugee […]

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Toronto Student deported from Canada

Toronto student deported from Canada to Mexico We reported earlier about a Mexican student facing deportation in Toronto. A Toronto student whose refugee claims were denied and paperwork improperly completed has been deported from Canada, despite the community and various non-profit organizations rallying around him in support. Daniel Garcia’s immigration lawyer died between filing his […]

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Anti Smuggling Bill C-49 too far reaching for Refugees in Canada

About Bill C-49: The Act The Act is “The Preventing Human Smugglers from Abusing Canada’s Immigration System Act”. Right now the Bill is just a proposed bill that would amend the Immigration and Balanced Refugee Protection Act, the Refugee Reform Act and the Marine Transportation Security Act. It’s only had its first reading in the House […]

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Tamil refugees arrive in Canada to be processed this week

In 2009, 76 Tamils were found aboard the Ocean Lady, and this week another boat has docked containing approximately 500 Tamils, who have been at sea in cramped conditions since May. Some of the refugees were dehydrated upon arriving, but Canadian officials have found no evidence of weapons or communicable disease on board. The Tamil […]

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My Husband was Deported from Canada. How can he come back?

My husband, a Mexican citizen, was refused for refugee protection and he appealed for the federal court for revision. His  lawer said it was refused but he never got a letter from CIC. He waited for the PRRA but he never got it. (HIs parents were here for the same reason under the same case […]

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