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Applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Do you want to be a tourist in Canada? Canada is a hotspot for many vacationers from around the globe. There are many different things to do in Canada, and thousands of visitors come to our country every year.  People who are from specific countries (called visitor exempt countries) simply need their valid passport to […]

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Do I need a tourist visa for Canada?

To determine if you are a foreign national of a country whose citizens require a visitor visa (also called a tourist visa or a temporary resident visa) to travel to Canada, please see this list. As you can see, there are many countries whose citizens are required to obtain a visa to come to Canada, […]

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When Applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa, is it Better To Get a One-Time or Multiple-Entry?

In order to visit, study or conduct business in Canada, people from many different countries need to apply for a visitor’s visa (for a list of countries whose citizens who do and do not require a visitor visa click here). In Canada, a visitor visa is also called a Temporary Resident Visa or a Temporary […]

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Visitor Visa from “The Best Immigration Law firm around”

My wife and I have to say a great big thank you to Niren and Associates for helping us easily transition into living together in Canada. Our superb legal assistant Amy Shen guided us through every step of the visitor visa application. From the first gathering of documents to the final application package, Amy was […]

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Canada may lift visa requirements for Czech Republic

Canada investigating whether Visa Requirements necessary for Czech Republic This month, Canada will be sending a group of experts to the Czech Republic to determine whether Canada can lift their visa requirements for Czech citizens. The primary purpose of this visit will be to determine how minorities in the country are currently being protected as […]

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Canadian Tourist Visa Approved

Canadian Tourist Visa for Chinese citizen Hello This is Yong Yang, a client of Immigration Lawyer, Katherine Yang. My wife has been approved for a Canadian Tourist Visa in China. I really appreicate Katherine and Johanna’s kind help. I’ll attach my wife’s visa scan. If you need me to provide other things, please let me […]

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Canadian visa requirements lifted for Taiwan Tourists

Tourists from Taiwan no longer face Canadian Visa Requirements The Canadian government announced on Tuesday that visitors from the country of Taiwan will no longer need a visitor visa to come to Canada. The Canadian visa requirements were lifted after a regular review of immigration statistics from Taiwan. Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney […]

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Canadian Tourist Visa and Work Permit Approved

Canadian Tourist Visa and Work Permit Approved thanks to Niren and Associates Hi Mary, Sorry I have been busy trying to keep up finishing the work that I have started at my job since I am leaving. I did call you on Monday as soon as I was out of the Embassy but you were […]

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Canadian Tourist Visa (Temporary Resident Visa) Granted

Thank you very much. I was granted the Canadian Tourist Visa, multiple entry  on the 13th of October. I am very grateful to Niren and Associates Immigration lawyers,  Micheal Niren , Elizabeth and others. Thank You for everything Dr. O

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