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Interested in Migrating from Mexico to Canada?

Canada has become an ideal haven for many immigrants, and migrating from Mexico to Canada provides benefits for many individuals seeking a safe, happy, and productive life. While the benefits may be worth pursuing, the application process contains many steps. Working with a good immigration lawyer can help you understand the requirements and complete what […]

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Canada to make it easier to temporary foreign workers to qualify for permanent residence

Changes to the Canadian Experience Program in 2013 Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney has announced changes to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) that will benefit temporary foreign workers who wish to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Minister Kenney announced it on his Twitter, saying “The new 1 year threshold for high-skilled temporary […]

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Start-Up Visa for Entrepreneurs

Can an American work in Canada?

A question we are often asked at our immigration law firm is, can an American work in Canada? The answer is, yes!  If you are an American citizen, you may be eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit or apply to work in Canada under the Skilled Worker Program, which could lead to permanent […]

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Interested in Migrating from England to Canada?

Migrating from England to Canada is an exciting opportunity for people from the UK. Canada offers a diverse culture and a wide expanse of wilderness that is simply not available in the UK. However, before an English citizen can settle in Canada, they have to jump through a few immigration hoops. The Commonwealth England and […]

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How to Migrate to Canada as a Teacher

Migration can be an extremely long and tiring process regardless of which country you are attempting to enter. Depending on the overall motivation when applying for citizenship, some may have a slightly shorter waiting period than others. Federal skilled workers, or FSW, are of greater value to a country and are therefore of a higher […]

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How to Immigrate to Canada as a Nurse

Many areas of Canada are experiencing a nursing shortage, and this makes it easier to migrate to Canada as a nurse. Part of the reason is due to the demographics of the Canadian population. Older nurses are retiring as they reach their fifties and sixties and there are not enough younger nurses being trained to replace […]

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Types of Canadian Work Permits for Americans

While countries like the United States have a long list of different types of work visas, Canada primarily has two broad types of work visas: those that require a Labour Market Opinion and those that do not require a Labour Market Opinion. A Labour Market Opinion is sometimes called an LMO or a confirmation from […]

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LMO and Work Permit application updates

Below is an interesting guest post by my colleague Jeff Jiehui Li who actually used to work for me a few years back. Jeff now has is own practice where he assists clients in family, tax, litigation and immigration law. Thank you Jeff for your contribution! __________________ I have recently encountered a number of questions with respect […]

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What happens if my work permit expires in Canada?

A work permit is a special document that allows a foreign national to work in Canada on a temporary basis. There are different types of work permits, and each of these types of work permits may have a different length of validity. All of these work permits expire.  When your work permit expires, you are […]

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How To Find a Temporary Job in Canada

The Canadian immigration process offers many jobs that could open options for permanent immigration to the country. Finding the right job in Canada offers a great opportunity for any qualified worker since more than 50,000 Canadian job postings go unfilled everyday. People who live in other countries can use online searches to find the kinds […]

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How to Work in Canada under Provincial Nominee Program

Applying for an immigrant visa without the assistance of an immigration attorney is far from easy. There are many ways to work and live in Canada. Coming to the country as a provincial nominee is among the surest means to get employment in Canada. How to get a provincial nomination certificate You must be nominated […]

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Work Permit Application Review: From a Happy Client!

Here is a nice email from a happy client applying for a PR Card ______________________________ Subject: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I have experienced the most professional and most efficient immigration services at Niren Associates. I have used the Niren for my work permit  and was amazed with the results.  I will retain Niren Associates to help me […]

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6 Steps to get a Canadian Work Visa

Understanding the process is crucial when applying for a Canadian work visa. Canadian work visas, which are temporary and are not the same thing as immigration visas, are in most cases available only to those who have a job offer from a Canadian employer who is authorized to fill the position with a foreign worker. […]

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Work in the US as a Canadian

4 Steps for Canadian Employers to hire Foreign Workers

Let’s have a closer look at the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program. The program is another government’s instrument through which Canadian employers are able to bring foreign workers to the country or to hire those who are already in Canada to fill temporarily labor shortages. The program can be sought by Canadian employers for up […]

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7 Ways to get Visas to Work in Canada

The government of Canada is continuously implementing programs that will help Canadian employers to meet the challenges in labor demand, new market developments, and the increasing innovations locally and globally. The programs are carried out bearing the concept that immigrants, foreign workers, foreign students, Canadian residents who are citizens of other countries can contribute to […]

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