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Canadians retiring  in the US Visa

How to Retire in the USA from Canada

We get a lot of Canadians asking us how can they retire in the US. Many baby boomers and elderly Canadians entering retirement are looking to settle in a warmer climate especially during the harsh Canadian winter months. No Retirement Visa for the US The challenge is that there is really no “retirement visa” for the US. I don’t […]

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Green Card Permanent Residence for USA

When Can You Obtain a US Work Visa Without a Job Offer?

Normally, a job offer will be required of you when you want to work permanently as an immigrant or temporarily as a nonimmigrant in the United States. Some of you have probably heard that not all US work visas are issued on an approved petition filed on behalf of the worker by the prospective employee. […]

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How to Get a Work Visa for the US

Are you interested in getting a work visa for the US? Working in the United States appeals to many, but first you would need a work visa. It is generally easier for Canadians to obtain a work visa for the US than for citizens of other countries to get a work visa for the US. […]

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E2 Visa approved for 5 years

Hello Fadi:  I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you for the wonderful guidance you have provided since our first meeting in August 2011. As you are aware Gail and myself have been approved for a five year – E-2 visa and will be moving to Tennessee in approx. 1 month time. […]

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Michael Niren immigration lawyer

E-2 Visa Application refused. What can I do?

Q. I filed an E2 Visa Investor Application to the US Consulate in Toronto. The application took 3 months to process and was refused. What can I do? It was for a convienence  store in the US __________________ A. E2 Visas are not easy. E2 Visa applications can be refused for a number of reasons […]

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Montreal Immigration Lawyer

New E-2 Visa Procedures in Vancouver

E-2 Visa Filing changes in Vancouver The US Consulate in Vancouver has begun a new E-2 visa application process. All the supporting documentation for an E-2 application is no longer needed to be sent ahead of the interview for adjudication. Officers are now looking at the supporting documentation or the “meat of the application” for […]

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E-2 Visa Approval with “super and wonderful” service

Hi Mary, You have been super, great and wonderful with handling our case. We are very glad that at the end our E-2 Visa file was finalized through you. Our file was moved around and circulated a lot through many people in your office, but we are grateful for you taking over our case. Of course, […]

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E-2 Visa Renewal just in time!

E-2 Visa Renewed after prior refusals After finding myself being let down by a firm of attorneys (that shall remain nameless) for failing to submit my application for renewal of my E-2 Visa after having paid my full fees, I found myself in a desperate position as my business would suffer without my physical presence in […]

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E-2 Visa Filing Procedure to change at the Toronto Consulate

E-2 Visa Changes at the US Consulate in Toronto As of February 1, 2011 the filing procedure for E-2 and E-1 visas has completely changed. The Non-Immigrant Visa unit at the U.S. Consulate General in Toronto will be implementing a new appointment system for individuals applying for treaty investor and trader visas. As a result, […]

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E2 Work Visa Application Approved for the Holidays!

Dear, Mary, I highly appreciate & thank you for all your hard work, and assistance you provided in putting together my E2 work Visa application. Mary, thank you very much. I found the interview preparation the most valuable aspect of the whole process. It provided me with the confidence. Mary, I want to know that, […]

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E-2 Visa Requirements: Where do I file my E-2 Visa?

E-2 Visa Requirements: Filing Q. We are Canadians and I will be starting a new business in the US in the cleaning industry. I will be buying a facility in Houston Texas. Myself and my family are presently there as visitors and I was told I could file my E-2 Visa application at the Service […]

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L-1 Visa Application and renewal approved

L-1 Visa Application approved thanks to Niren and Associates We selected Niren & Associates after careful research on our part and interviewing several lawyers at various law firms in the Greater Toronto area. We felt that we had a difficult case because of a past denial of admission to the U.S. and picked Mr. Fadi […]

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E-2 Visa approved for Canadian to start a New York Chocolate Store!

E-2 Visa approved thanks to Niren and Associates I just wanted to write and thank Fadi and Danielle for helping me to obtain an E-2 Visa. Everything was worth it. They advised me on exactly what I needed, they gave me a synopsis of the process and they were adamant on what information I had […]

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I applied for an E-2 Visa in the US and now I have to do it again at the Toronto Consulate. Why?

E-2 Visa question for our immigration law firm Q. My lawyer filed an E-2 Visa at the Texas Service Center  which was approved. I received my E-2 and began working in my business in the US. I am Canadian and wished to travel back to Toronto for a visit. I then tried re-entering the US […]

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I was refused a US Business Visa. What Next?

US Business Visa refusal questions for our immigration lawyers Q. I applied for an US Business Visa under the E-2 category. My application took a few months and came back refused because my investment was not “substantial enough” . I invested $50,000 into a gym in Maryland. How much investment qualifies as “substantial investment”  for […]

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