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Senior Deported to the United States May Return to Canada

We recently blogged about an elderly American woman who was facing deportation despite being the only available care option for a Canadian Citizen.  Nancy Inferrera, 73, left Canada because she was under a removal order and the Canadian Citizen, Mildred Sanford, 83, left with her. Inferrera’s permanent residency application had been denied, as was her […]

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Family deported from Canada may get second chance

We recently blogged about a petition that was started to bring a family back to Canada after they were deported from Canada. The Benhmuda family was deported to Libya after their refugee claim was denied in 2008. Two of the family’s younger sons were born in Canada, and the petition was started by one of […]

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Petition Asks Minister Kenney To Bring Family Back On Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

A petition is circulating online, asking Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney to consider bringing back a deported family to Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.  The Benhmuda family was deported to their native Libya after their refugee claim was denied in 2008, after having come to Canada in 2000 with two small children. […]

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Elderly American Woman faced deportation from Canada despite being only caregiver for Canadian

A pair of elderly women who have been friends for 30 years – one an American citizen and one a Canadian citizen – left Canada to go to the United States despite having no friends, family or place to stay there because the American woman was facing deportation from Canada. The friends – Canadian citizen […]

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Family Facing Deportation From Canada Four Times Gets To Stay

A family in Quebec has finally had their application to stay in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds accepted, after facing deportation from Canadaat least four different times since last year. During the first three times there were issues at the airport, misplaced travel documents and one of the family members fell ill, while the […]

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Canada increases some immigration category caps, lowers humanitarian grounds admissions

As the Canadian government has announced its targeted immigration levels for 2013, it has also made a few changes to the number of applications that will be accepted for different categories. For example, more applications will be accepted under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)program although the overall target for immigration levels in 2013 will remain […]

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Family’s Immigration Paperwork Lost In Mail, Faces Deportation From Canada

Humanitarian Grounds application never received, leads to deportation from Canada A family originally from Guinea faces deportation from Canada after their immigration paperwork was lost in the mail. After initially having their refugee claim denied, the family appealed on humanitarian grounds, which never made it to any immigration offices. Despite a new application being filed, […]

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Expect Changes to the Balanced Refugee Reform Act This Month?

Original bill that trampled refugee rights may return The Balanced Refugee Reform Act (or Bill C-11) is a piece of legislation that received royal assent in mid-2010, and is scheduled to take effect in late June of this year. The original bill only received royal assent after changes were made to it, because opposition critics […]

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Humanitarian and Compassionate Application Approved!

Coming to a new country and finding your way to settle down is one of the hardest things I’ve done so far. Especially when you have no knowledge about the rules and regulations of the country. And with so many law firms out there today, you just don’t know what the right choice is. After doing […]

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Family facing deportation from Canada applying to stay on humanitarian grounds

Family’s last resort to avoid deportation from Canada is humanitarian application We previously blogged on the Barlagne family, originally from France, whose daughter has Cerebral Palsy here and here.  The Barlagne family moved to Canada in 2005 on a temporary work permit, but their application for permanent residence was denied because the Cerebral Palsy would […]

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Canadian Courts overrule Immigration and Refugee Board Decisions

Courts ruled that IRB and CIC decisions failed to address entire situation Three refugee claims and two humanitarian and compassionate grounds applications that were rejected by the Immigration and Refugee Board and Citizenship and Immigration Canada were overturned last month by Federal Court. The claims originated from different countries: Brazil, Guyana, Mexico and two from […]

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Humanitarian and Compassionate Application Approved

Hi Amy, All is well here. Sorry about not getting back to you but I was really busy and hadn’t had much time on the computer. I cannot believe that my H & C application has been approved!!!!!! WOW! I can not imagine that. You guys have been so great to me. I know how […]

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Three temporary workers in Canada facing deportation

Temporary workers in Canada didn’t have proper work permits Three temporary workers in Canada are facing deportation for accidentally overstaying their temporary work permits. The three workers are being called the “Three Amigos” in their small community, and the three amigos were working for over a hear and a half in Alberta until the poor […]

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Important Changes to Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications Several changes to the humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act came into effect. Below are a summary of the Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications changes set out to CIC: a person cannot have two H&C applications pending at the same time; H&C decision makers will no longer […]

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American wins appeal after denial of Permanent Residence on Humanitarian grounds

Permanent Residence on Humanitarian grounds A very high-profile soldier from the United States who was initially denied permanent residence in Canada has won his appeal against the decision, forcing officials to reconsider. Jeremy Hinzman, the first United States Iraq War resister to seek refugee status in Canada, was told by the Federal Court of Appeal […]

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