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How to Enter Canada With A Criminal Record

Avoiding Iraq, US Soldier Fled to Canada and Faced Deportation

Five years ago, U.S. soldier Kimberly Rivera fled to Canada to avoid serving in Iraq with her husband and four children.  Last week however, Citizenship and Immigration Canada issued her a deportation order giving her until September 20 to exit the country.   Evading the call of duty After serving a tour in Iraq in […]

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3 Ways to Obtain Humanitarian Parole for US Entry

Humanitarian parole allows an individual, who is inadmissible, to enter into the United States for a limited period of time on grounds of compelling situations. The grant of parole is strictly regulated, and the Parolees are not necessarily provided with any immigration benefits.   Grant of Humanitarian Parole The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services […]

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Canadian US Border Problems Resolved

Hello Mr. Minawi, Just wanted to let you know that my crossing into the U.S. and back into Canada with my belongings went very well. I wanted to tell you that the Border Guard into the United States said that you had done an excellent job with my package and they were very impressed. So thank you so much […]

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US Humanitarian Parole for Canadian to attend Father’s Funeral in the US

US Humanitarian Parole approved thanks to Niren and Associates Hi Katherine / Jeff Li: I want to congratulate Niren and Associates, especially Katherine and Jeff   for helping me with my US Humanitarian Parole application and I was able to attend my dad’s funeral.  I did came back to Toronto on August 23rd and surrendered my […]

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Entry to the US for Canadian Approved under US Humanitarian Parole

Entry to the US made possible thanks to Niren and Associates immigration law firm Hey Fadi, Just checked my e-mail. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done (for my Humanitarian Parole to the US). My kids especially my oldest daughter will be so happy that I will be home in the US […]

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Urgent Entry to the US Resolved: Humanitarian Parole Application

Hi Michael, Mary and Fadi, I would like to start off by wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  I hope that the next decade brings you all love, laughter and happiness. I want to thank you guys for helping me with my US Humanitarian Parole application and my trip to New Jersey was […]

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