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Canadian Visa Applications

What to Do After A Canadian Visa Refusal

When you apply to immigrate to Canada or apply for a visa of any kind, you will eventually receive notification from Citizenship and Immigration Canada after your application is processed that lets you know whether your application has been approved or refused.  It can be highly distressing to find out that you have had your […]

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immigration refusals 2012

Appealing Immigration Denials in Canada 2012

When you are notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that your immigration application, whatever type of application it was, has been denied – it can come as a huge shock. It is especially disheartening if you have waited years for your application for immigration to Canada to be processed – as many do – only […]

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immigration refusal

How to Appeal Against a Canadian Visa Refusal

If you’ve received notification of a Canadian visa refusal from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it can be extremely distressing. Note that you do have options when it comes to appealing a Canadian visa refusal, however time is not on your side. You may only have a very short window of time in which to appeal […]

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How to Enter Canada With A Criminal Record

Avoiding Iraq, US Soldier Fled to Canada and Faced Deportation

Five years ago, U.S. soldier Kimberly Rivera fled to Canada to avoid serving in Iraq with her husband and four children.  Last week however, Citizenship and Immigration Canada issued her a deportation order giving her until September 20 to exit the country.   Evading the call of duty After serving a tour in Iraq in […]

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Canada Permanent Residence

How To Appeal A Canadian Citizenship Refusal

Canadian Citizenship is the end-goal for many immigrants who come to Canada to start a new life. People who are permanent residents in Canada can apply for Canadian citizenship after a designated period, usually after they have resided in Canada for three years out of a four-year time frame. Why Apply for Canadian Citizenship? Canadian […]

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HIV Positive Immigration Canada

Can you immigrate to Canada if you are HIV-positive?

Many people are under the assumption that having a chronic illness like HIV means they cannot immigrate to Canada. But that’s not necessarily true. There are several ways someone who is HIV-positive can immigrate to Canada. 1. Immigration to Canada with HIV depends on your illness Canada’s policies on someone being inadmissible to Canada on […]

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Canadian Citizenship Applications

How to Appeal a Rejection Letter from Canadian Immigration

Some people who submit applications for immigration to Canada may find that they receive a letter from the Canadian Immigration department telling them their application has been rejected. A rejection letter from Canadian immigration might make you panic, but don’t panic just yet – you do have options if you receive a rejection letter from […]

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Toronto immigration consultant

What Services Do Immigration Consultants Provide?

Many people who want to immigrate to Canada use the services of an immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer. Both types of immigration representation are different, but the services do overlap. Before you hire an immigration consultant, you should always ask if they are a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. This […]

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Denied Entry to Canada

Deported From Canada? How to Return Legally

Can I Return when Deported From Canada? When a person breaches the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, they can be deported from Canada. There are several ways one can be deported from Canada, including committing crimes or overstaying visas and being caught. The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for removing people from Canada who […]

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Immigration Consultant in Toronto

How To Appeal an Immigration Decision

Was your immigration application refused? Appealing may be an option From time to time – and for many different reasons – an immigration application is denied. But that doesn’t mean that your chance of immigration to Canada is gone forever. You have several options and can appeal an immigration decision. Immigration officers use a set […]

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What Is A “Safe Country” According To Bill C-31?

What Is A “Safe Country” According To Bill C-31? Bill C-31 is set to come into effect this summer, with a safe countries list intact. This list was one of the provisions that had to be removed in order for the bill to finally pass, but now that the Conservative government has a majority they […]

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More human rights groups speak out against Bill C-31

Justice for Refugees and Immigrants Coalition speaks out against Bill C-31 Last week we blogged about Human Rights Watch and their open letter to Canadian MPs about the new Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, Bill C-31. The law is set to come into effect this summer. According to this article in the Vancouver Sun, the […]

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Human Rights Watch to Canada: STOP Bill C-31

Human Rights Watch, a non-government organization that monitors human rights world wide, has published a letter sent to Canadian MPs regarding Bill C-31, also known as the Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act, because it violates the rights of refugees in Canada. We’ve blogged about this before. If you’re unfamiliar with the threat this bill poses […]

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Refugee Claims in Canada – the luck of the draw?

Does the approval/denial of a refugee claim depend on which adjudicator’s lap your claim lands in? The CBC just posted an article that shows a disturbing trend in refugee claim approval rates. A York University assistant professor used the Access to Information Act to go over all of the Immigration and Refugee Board claims for […]

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Immigration Appeal a success and family reunited!

Dearest Mrs. Katherine: I am so happy and glad to hear about the IAD decision, that the panel has made. Me and my wife we would like to thank you so much for all the hard work you have done for us, from the preparation of the case to the wonderful work you did in court […]

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