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150 People Who Were Issued Visas By Accident Get To Stay

According to the Vancouver Sun, about 150 people who applied for permanent residency in Canada and were told they had been approved, were approved by mistake because of a computer error.  However, this week Citizenship and Immigration Canada admitted the error and decided that those who were given visas could keep them. “It was an […]

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immigration refusals 2012

Appealing Immigration Denials in Canada 2012

When you are notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that your immigration application, whatever type of application it was, has been denied – it can come as a huge shock. It is especially disheartening if you have waited years for your application for immigration to Canada to be processed – as many do – only […]

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immigration refusal

How to Appeal Against a Canadian Visa Refusal

If you’ve received notification of a Canadian visa refusal from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it can be extremely distressing. Note that you do have options when it comes to appealing a Canadian visa refusal, however time is not on your side. You may only have a very short window of time in which to appeal […]

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Murder

Dwayne “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman Denied Visa Due to Criminal Record

  Manslaughter conviction results in Dog the Bounty Hunter being denied visa American celebrity reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter has been denied a visa to travel to the United Kingdom because of his criminal record. Dog’s criminal record stems from a manslaughter conviction from the late 1970s in the United States, where he […]

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Canadian Citizenship Applications

How to Appeal a Rejection Letter from Canadian Immigration

Some people who submit applications for immigration to Canada may find that they receive a letter from the Canadian Immigration department telling them their application has been rejected. A rejection letter from Canadian immigration might make you panic, but don’t panic just yet – you do have options if you receive a rejection letter from […]

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Immigration Consultant in Toronto

How To Appeal an Immigration Decision

Was your immigration application refused? Appealing may be an option From time to time – and for many different reasons – an immigration application is denied. But that doesn’t mean that your chance of immigration to Canada is gone forever. You have several options and can appeal an immigration decision. Immigration officers use a set […]

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How our Toronto Immigration Lawyers Help you Through the Canadian Immigration Process

Assessment of your Canadian immigration case Before beginning the Canadian immigration process, you should know if you at least have a good chance of immigrating to Canada or are eligible to immigrate to Canada. An immigration lawyer will be able to assess your case and let you know the likelihood of success, but should never […]

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Won our Appeal after being denied Visa to Canada. Thanks Katherine!

To Niren & Associates,                                                                                                                            Friday May 20th 2011 Although at this time my Partner in life has not yet been given her Permanent Resident Visa to enter Canada, I must  say now a huge and grateful Thank You to all involved in helping Myself and My Conjugal Partner be able to reside together here in […]

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Canadian immigration application refused on medical grounds: autistic teenager

Couple denied permanent residence despite son not immigrating to Canada. Robert and Pauline Crowe of England have been deemed inadmissible to Canada because Robert has an autistic son – a son who he does not have primary custody of and who would never move to Canada anyway. Lewis Crowe, 17, lives with his mother in […]

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Canadian Permanent Residence Skilled Worker Case under Appeal: Leave Granted

Hi Mary, Thank for you the amazing news! The hair on my arm actually stood up when I read it. I can’t begin to explain how much this means to me. Thank you so much for you help with this. Things are looking up. PLEASE let me know how I can help build our case as strong as possible for our […]

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What if my Canada immigration application is refused?

Why Canada immigration application refusals happen It is up to the applicant to ensure that their Canada immigration application is filled out properly, does not  have any mistakes and includes all of the necessary paperwork and documentation. It is not up to the government to contact you to let you know that you have forgotten […]

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The "Other Side" of the Canada Immigration Story

Two sides to every Canada immigration story All too often we hear in the media about how immigrants are taking away jobs from Canadians; how Refugees are entering Canada in droves and benefiting from Canada’s social systems; how it is so “easy to get into and stay in Canada”. Well the reality is that many […]

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But do I need an Immigration Lawyer to Represent Me?

Q.  My family intends to apply for Permanent Residence and we are deciding whether or not we should hire an immigration lawyer to represent us. What are the pros and cons? _____________________ A.  The question as to whether to retain the services of an immigration lawyer to help you with your immigration or visa application […]

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Canadian Work Permit Refused because of lack of Ties to home country.

Canadian Work Permit Refused? I applied twice for a Canadian work visa complete with all the required documents and papers like valid LMO (Labour Market Opinion) approval and job offer from a prospective employer situated in Alberta. However my application for a work permit was refused twice for the sole reason that I did not […]

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Federal Court Delays Deportation from Canada

Mississauga hairdresser would suffer harm if deported from Canada Roohi Tabassum, a Pakistani National, has received a temporary suspension of deportation from the Federal Court of Canada on grounds that she would suffer irreparable harm if she was removed from Canada. In 2001, Ms. Tabassum came to Canada from the US and filed a refugee […]

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