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LMO and Work Permit application updates

Below is an interesting guest post by my colleague Jeff Jiehui Li who actually used to work for me a few years back. Jeff now has is own practice where he assists clients in family, tax, litigation and immigration law. Thank you Jeff for your contribution! __________________ I have recently encountered a number of questions with respect […]

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Canada Work Permit

BC family denied new Canada Work Permit

Want to work in British Columbia? You might require Canada Work Permit renewal Immigration to Canada is hard enough;  being allowed to stay is another story. Shortly after coming to Canada, some visitors and immigrants will try to get jobs in the country. To work in in this country you would need a Canada Work […]

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LMO not required for Haitians to work in Canada before applying for Work Permits

Haitians exempt from Labour Market Opinion (LMO) to work in Canada Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today that, “It’s important for Haitians already in Canada to know that if they need a work permit, they can now obtain one much more easily.” While most people will need a labour market opinion (LMO), which […]

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Changes to the Live in Caregiver Program Announced

New Changes to the Live in Caregiver Program Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney said on Sunday that changes have been proposed to the rules that govern live-in caregivers. The proposed changes include that employers will have to cover the costs of the caregivers’ travel to Canada, their workplace safety insurance and any […]

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New Compliance Rules Coming for Canadian Employers filing Labour Market Opinion Applications

Changes to requirements for Labour Market Opinions Employers hiring foreign workers will soon be required to prove compliance of the terms and conditions of employment with respect to Labour Market Opinion (LMO) applications. The changes are in the proposal stages but many of the recommendations will likely be implemented concerning compliance with obligations that employers […]

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I am on an LMO but was terminated from Work. What happens to my Work Permit?

Hello. I was laid off from a construction firm early this year and I am on an LMO. Instead of going back home I stayed in Canada to find some work. Now my work permit is expired. I applied for a 90-days restoration of status to stay in Canada while waiting for a new job […]

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Canadian Work Permits Not Necessarily Needed for Workers in the Film and TV Industries

A Canadian Work Permit Question Hello I am a Director of Photography and Director in Los Angeles , California. A local production company hired me to shoot their next feature film which will be shot in Los Angeles for about 80% of the production. However, some scenes have to be shot in Canada, and that […]

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Work Permit Expires Soon. Do you need to apply for a new LMO?

Is it necessary for an employer to apply for an LMO for someone who is already employed permanently? One of our staff members’ work permit is expiring soon, and we’re not sure if we need to apply for another LMO for him in order to renew his work permit.   _______________   First of all, […]

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