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Live in caregiver red tape

Too Much Red Tape Has Parents Looking Elsewhere for Live-In Caregivers

The Toronto Star published an article this week about several couples in Canada who have found a way to circumvent all of the red tape involved with the live-in caregiver program.  The live-in caregiver program offers nannies who come to Canada the chance to apply for permanent residence after being a caregiver for two years. […]

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Good news for live-in caregivers: open work permits

Open work permits issued to live-in caregivers According to this CBC News article, at least 10,000 open work permits have been issued to live-in caregivers (more details here). Many advocates of live-in caregivers say the move is unprecedented, as the open work permit allows live-in caregivers to come to Canada but not have to be […]

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Live in Care Givers can apply for Canadian Work Permits earlier

Work Visas Rules for Live in Care Givers Change Live in Caregivers have been in the news over the last year. Concerns over abuse in the work place have raised issues about whether they should be able to leave their employers during the process for permanent residence. The Canadian government has in response allowed Live […]

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Is the Live-in caregiver program for Canada in jeopardy?

The live-in caregiver program has been a popular way for immigrants to move to and earn an income in Canada. And after working in Canada, live-in caregivers are rewarded with permanent residency. But lately, there have been some problems with the live-in caregiver program: Wait time to come to Canada has increased to 18 months […]

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Why is Canada ignoring Live-in Caregivers?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently announced they were no longer accepting applications for parents and grandparents to come to Canada in order to clear up a lengthy backlog – but would introduce a new “super” visa for them and increase the quota numbers. Many critics suggest adding more older people to Canada’s aging population isn’t […]

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GTA Live in caregiver only paid $100 per month for two years

A live-in caregiver originally from Uganda is suing a Brampton woman for $195,000 in back pay and damages after only being paid $100 per month for two years of 16-hour days since March 2008, when she came to Canada. Woman’s live-in caregiver contract worthless The woman had a contract with her employer for $427.50 per […]

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Some Live-in Caregivers Abusing New Rules

New Canadian Live-in Caregiver Regulations Create An Easy “In” To Canada A while back, we wrote about how the new Live in Caregiver rules are causing issues for Canadian employers. Now stories are coming out that are bearing our predictions true unfortunately. The Canadian media has been picking up on several stories about Canadians being […]

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New Live-In Caregiver rules create problems for sponsors

New rules for live-in caregivers coming to Canada In April of 2010, new rules were introduced to govern Canada’s live-in caregiver program, offering live-in caregivers more protection against their employers. The Association of Caregivers and Nanny Agencies Canada is now reporting that many people are abusing Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program to get into the country. […]

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Changes to the Live in Caregiver Program Announced

New Changes to the Live in Caregiver Program Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney said on Sunday that changes have been proposed to the rules that govern live-in caregivers. The proposed changes include that employers will have to cover the costs of the caregivers’ travel to Canada, their workplace safety insurance and any […]

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Be Nice to your Nannies! The Ruby Dhalla Controversy and Live in Caregivers in Canada

The Ruby Dhalla Controversy and Live in Caregivers in Canada A great deal has been written and played out in the media about the Ruby Dhalla-Nanny scandal.  For those of you on a desert island, Ruby Dhalla, an outspoken and very charismatic MP had allegedly hired three foreign live in caregivers (nannies), making them work […]

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Live in Caregiver Applications: Stricter Regulation for Foreign Nanny Agents are Needed

Canadian live in caregiver scams on the rise Today, The Toronto Star reported on a work permit scam that is apparently on the rise in Canada – Live in Caregiver Recruitment pursuant to the Canadian Live in Caregiver work permit category. It sounds legitimate enough, but there are numerous legal issues involved. The Live in […]

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