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Canadian green card

How to Apply for a “Canadian Green Card”

Canada doesn’t really have a “green card” per se, but our “Green Card” is somewhat but not exactly equivalent to a permanent resident card or permanent resident status. Like a United States green card holder, a permanent resident of Canada is someone who is foreign born and has immigrated to Canada but is not yet […]

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Canada Immigration

How to Become a Permanent Resident in Canada

How to Become a Permanent Resident in Canada A Permanent Resident Card in Canada is considered the equivalent to the United States’ “Green Card”. Permanent residence in Canada allows you to live in Canada on a permanent basis as well as experience certain rights that other typos of immigrants in Canada do not have. How […]

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permanent residence applications

How to Maintain Permanent Resident Status in Canada

When someone has permanent resident status in Canada, they must fulfill their residency obligations in order to maintain their permanent resident status. How to Maintain Permanent Resident Status in Canada The main issue permanent residents in Canada have to be worried about when it comes to maintaining their permanent residency status in Canada is that […]

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Toronto Immigration Lawyer

I’ve Lost My PR Card, What Should I Do?

PR Card is an extremely important identification document that allows you to enter and leave Canada. Without it, you could experience a variety of serious problems, including being unable to travel in and out of Canada. Your PR Card is your official, government-recognized proof that you are a permanent resident living in Canada. What to […]

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Renew application for PR card

How to Renew a PR Card

Upon landing in Canada, permanent residents will receive a PR Card (or permanent residence card). This PR Card is used as an identity document when they enter and leave Canada. Renewing a PR Card PR cards are good for five years, and then they have to be renewed. If you know that your PR card […]

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How To Renew A Permanent Residence Card

How To Renew A Permanent Residence Card

Permanent residents in Canada are given a Permanent Residence Card (PR Card) that is an identity document when they travel in and out of Canada. Upon landing in Canada, permanent residents will be provided with a Permanent Residence Card. Renewing a Permanent Residence Card A Permanent Residence card is valid for five years, and then […]

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Won our Appeal after being denied Visa to Canada. Thanks Katherine!

To Niren & Associates,                                                                                                                            Friday May 20th 2011 Although at this time my Partner in life has not yet been given her Permanent Resident Visa to enter Canada, I must  say now a huge and grateful Thank You to all involved in helping Myself and My Conjugal Partner be able to reside together here in […]

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Canadian immigration application refused on medical grounds: autistic teenager

Couple denied permanent residence despite son not immigrating to Canada. Robert and Pauline Crowe of England have been deemed inadmissible to Canada because Robert has an autistic son – a son who he does not have primary custody of and who would never move to Canada anyway. Lewis Crowe, 17, lives with his mother in […]

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Expiring Canadian Permanent Resident Cards or a Canadian PR Card that has expired

What to do about an expiring or expired Canadian Permanent Resident Card Canadian Permanent Resident cards (Canadian PR cards) are valid for a period of five years and need to be renewed in order for someone’s permanent residence status to remain valid. Expiring Canadian PR Card Citizenship and Immigration Canada recommends that a person with […]

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Immigration Refusals overturned on Appeal as CIC e-mails never received

E-mail problems lead to immigration refusals A recent ruling by a Federal Court judge has overturned on appeal, six rejections of permanent residence applications by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada had chosen to send important questions to the applicants’ immigration consultant who was based in Vancouver, British Columbia, via e-mail, and those […]

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My Canadian Permanent Resident Application was Refused. What should I do now?

Hi I came to Canada on Feb 2 2006. I submitted my application last November 2008.  My boyfriend who is a refugee claimant proposed marriage.  I called Canada Immigration three times to ask if Imarry my boyfriend, will it impact my immigration application? Canada Immigration told me it would not. So I got married in […]

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