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Sponsoring your spouse to Canada: Getting the help you need

Q. How can I sponsor my spouse to Canada? I am a Canadian citizen and I want to bring my American wife to live with me to Canada. We just got married in the US and I wish her to immigrate to Canada. A.  We get lots and lots of questions about sponsoring your spouse […]

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Need Help with Spousal Sponsorship?

Many people come to us with questions about how to sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to Canada. Spousal sponsorship cases are one of the most popular applications we handle and I can tell you we have seen it all. Love knows no borders, countries or distance. People meet online, on cruises, though long distance family […]

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How to Sponsor a Spouse in Canada

How to Sponsor a Spouse in Canada

Do you wish to Sponsor your Spouse in Canada? Below is some information about how to sponsor a spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner  to Canada. The first step is determining your eligibility as a sponsor. The main requirements are that you are a citizen or permanent resident in Canada, are at least 18 years of […]

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sponsor family to the US

How to sponsor family to the USA

Did you know that if you are a United States citizen or green card holder (lawful permanent resident of the United States), they can sponsor you or their other family members to the US? Spousal Sponsorship in the USA In order to sponsor someone to the United States, the sponsor must be either a United […]

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Canadian Immigration Offers Apology To Couple for Spousal Sponsorship Application

Immigration officials made mistakes when processing Spousal Sponsorship applications A Nigerian couple is receiving an official apology from Citizenship and Immigration Canada after many mistakes were made when processing their visa application. Gideon Christian was doing his doctoral studies in law at the University of Ottawa but is becoming frustrated and was getting ready to […]

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New proposal for Spousal Sponsorships for Canada

Sponsored spouses must be in relationships for two years After months of consultations with the public across Canada on preventing marriage fraud for immigration purposes, the federal government has put forth a new proposal for spousal sponsorship applications: those coming to Canada to be with someone already in Canada would have to be in a […]

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Sponsorship Appeal for Permanent Residence Successful: A New Years Surprise

Dear Kevin I hope you are doing well and hope you are enjoying your time with your wife and the baby. Please note that we received the positive decision [on your appeal] from the Immigration Appeal Division and I have forwarded this decision to the High Commission in Singapore requesting that they continue processing your wife’s […]

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Spousal Sponsorship "Marriage of Convenience" issues continued…

Spousal Sponsorship in Canada As part of our ongoing reporting on the Canadian government’s crackdown on “Marriage of Convenience” cases for Spousal Sponsorship in Canada, here are the latest developments. In early November a woman in British Columbia was arrested on bigamy charges for being legally married to two people at once in different cities […]

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Spousal Sponsorship Meeting on "Marriages of Convenience" for Preventing Sponsorship Fraud

Spousal Sponsorship horror stories heard by immigration minister Over Halloween weekend, Canadian Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney hosted a meeting in Montreal to discuss preventing “marriages of convenience” for immigration reasons in Canada. The meeting was the third such meeting on immigration held by the Minister, who has been meeting with various […]

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Spousal Sponsorship Refused and successfully Appealed

Spousal Sponsorship refusal overturned thanks to Niren and Associates To Katherine Yang, Because of your hard work and experience for our Sponsorship Appeal case we are together forever after a long time. Thank you Katherine very very much. You are really kind, the world is a nice place because of people like you. We are […]

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Spousal Sponsorship Immigration fraud may mean changes to the system

Spousal Sponsorship process changes may be on the way Countries like Australia and England require that a sponsored person live with their spouse for three years before being given permanent resident status, which is what a Toronto-area MP said he’d like to see implemented in Canada to help prevent marriage fraud. Bramalea-Gore-Malton Liberal MP Gurbax […]

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Spousal Sponsorship Appeal Successful: Husband and Wife to be Reunited

Spousal Sponsorship Appeal successful thanks to Niren and Associates Immigration Law Firm I am very very thankful to Katherine Yang forever. She handled my sponsorship appeal so well that it succeeded. She had worked very  hard and very closely on my file. It was impossible without her strong effort and understanding. Her submission was so great and considerable. […]

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Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren and Spousal Sponsorship Petitions

Spousal sponsorship and the Tiger Woods debacle Huh? I knew you would say that. Unless you are on a desert island, you have heard about Tiger’s alleged transgressions concerning marital infidelity.  As an immigration lawyer dealing with legal issues on a daily basis, I nevertheless get transfixed by the same gossipy headlines that everyone else […]

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Immigrant Sponsors Debt Ruling requires Provincial Government to act Fairly

Immigrant sponsors not required to pay back debts that aren’t theirs A landmark ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal held that Immigrant Sponsors are not automatically required to pay back immigrant debt of the relatives they sponsored despite having signed an immigrant Sponsors Agreement. Rather the Province now has to proceed with the debt […]

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Sponsorship Application Refused because of my Previous Marriage

Hello Mr. Niren, I would like your opinion on my sponsorship. My husband was refused because of my previous marriage. Canada Immigration jumped to the conclusion that my second marriage is not bona fide because of my previous marriage was brief . I have reapply with more proof that my marriage is genuine. What do […]

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