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Sponsorship Lawyers for Toronto

Are you searching for a Sponsorship Lawyer in Toronto? Do you wish to sponsor your loved one to Canada and do not know where to turn? Immigration law is becoming increasingly complex so it is essential that you get the help you need in order to ensure that the process will go smoothly.  Sponsorship Applications […]

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Sponsoring your spouse to Canada: Getting the help you need

Q. How can I sponsor my spouse to Canada? I am a Canadian citizen and I want to bring my American wife to live with me to Canada. We just got married in the US and I wish her to immigrate to Canada. A.  We get lots and lots of questions about sponsoring your spouse […]

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Need Help with Spousal Sponsorship?

Many people come to us with questions about how to sponsor their spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to Canada. Spousal sponsorship cases are one of the most popular applications we handle and I can tell you we have seen it all. Love knows no borders, countries or distance. People meet online, on cruises, though long distance family […]

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How to Sponsor a Spouse in Canada

Do you wish to Sponsor your Spouse in Canada? Below is some information about how to sponsor a spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner  to Canada. The first step is determining your eligibility as a sponsor. The main requirements are that you are a citizen or permanent resident in Canada, are at least 18 years of […]

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Is The Super Visa Program For Parents And Grandparents A Success?

Last year as a part of their effort to clear a massive immigration application backlog, the Government of Canada announced they would not be accepting any new applications to sponsor parents and grandparents to Canada. Some of these permanent residency applications were taking up to eight years to be processed.  Instead, the Government of Canada […]

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New Spousal Sponsorship Rules Introduced By Canadian Government

The Government of Canada has announced that the long-discussed spousal sponsorship rules are now in effect. These rules will have a big impact on marriage immigration in Canada, and sometimes not for the better.  New spousal sponsorship rules in place to combat marriage fraud Immigration marriage fraud is a fraudulent exploitation of the Canadian spousal […]

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How to sponsor family to the USA

Did you know that if you are a United States citizen or green card holder (lawful permanent resident of the United States), they can sponsor you or their other family members to the US? Spousal Sponsorship in the USA In order to sponsor someone to the United States, the sponsor must be either a United […]

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New Changes To Spousal Sponsorship Take Place This Fall

Spousal Sponsorship program changes raise concerns According to this article published by Post Media News, the proposed changes to the Spousal Sponsorship program are scheduled to take effect in early fall. The proposed changes – including giving sponsored spouses a two-year probationary permanent resident status – have raised concerns from critics and domestic abuse experts. […]

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What Services Do Immigration Consultants Provide?

Many people who want to immigrate to Canada use the services of an immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer. Both types of immigration representation are different, but the services do overlap. Before you hire an immigration consultant, you should always ask if they are a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. This […]

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New Spousal Sponsorship Rules: Dangerous?

New Spousal Sponsorship rules We recently blogged about the new rules Spousal Sponsorship applications face in Canada, namely that sponsored spouses will have to remain in Canada and in the marriage for a minimum of two years before applying for permanent residency in Canada. This new rule change is to prevent immigration marriage fraud, which […]

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New Restrictions for Spousal Sponsorship Applications now in force

Below is a summary of the recent changes to Spousal Sponsorships for Canada introduced by Minister of Immigration Jason Kenney and the Conservative Government.  Please note these sponsorship restrictions affect spousal sponsorships but do not affect any other type of sponsorship application.  Further, these changes are aimed at sponsoring spouses who were themselves sponsored to come to […]

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Citizenship and Immigration Canada to change spousal sponsorship rules

Spousal sponsorship changes on the way According to this Winnipeg Free Press article, the government of Canada is bringing in new regulatory changes that would force a sponsored spouse to live with their sponsoring spouse for at least two years before they can receive their permanent residence status, or they will be deported from Canada. […]

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Spousal Sponsorship Applications under radar

If you are planning a marriage to a Canadian citizen in order to immigrate you better be prepared to live together for at least two years, better yet truly be in love, or you will find yourself facing possible deportation from the country. Proposed Changes to Spousal Sponsorship Cases The Citizenship and Immigration Department’s proposed […]

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Spousal Sponsorship Scammer Deported From Canada

Spousal Sponsorship fraud can result in deportation from Canada It’s something that many Canadian citizens have to be aware of – people from abroad who act like they want to marry them in order to be sponsored by their new spouses to come to Canada, only to abandon them once they get into Canada. This […]

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Are you marrying a Canadian citizen? Deportation may be in the cards…

Many people mistakenly think that marrying a Canadian citizen automatically grants them Canadian citizenship or permanent residence in Canada, but this is not the case. In fact, not properly following suit after you marry a Canadian citizen can result in your deportation from Canada.   Woman being deported from Canada after living in Canada 15 years […]

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