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Entering Canada with a DUI or DWI

If you have a DUI or DWI conviction, you may be inadmissible to Canada. It all depends when the conviction was entered, how many convictions you had, the surrounding circumstances and the reason why you wish to enter Canada. But generally DUI charges are a reason for being refused at the border How do I enter Canada with a […]

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TRP Application for Canada made easy

Shabnam, I pleased to tell you everything went very smoothly entering Canada yesterday.  I had to get a TRP and the they gave me one for 6 months and indicated that by the time Washington gets to processing my TRP application I will be deemed rehabilitated automatically. Not sure how true that is.  She also […]

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Entering canada with a felony conviction

If you have a criminal record such as a felony conviction, you may have difficulty entering Canada. Can I enter Canada with a Felony Conviction? Canada has strict rules when it comes to admitting people with criminal records. Essentially, if you have been convicted of an offence that occurred less than 10 years ago, in most cases, you are […]

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denied entry to Canada DUI

Denied Entry into Canada With A DUI

If you are planning to visit Canada in the near future but have a DUI on your criminal record, be prepared to be denied entry to Canada. While a DUI is a misdemeanor crime in the United States, it is a very serious crime in Canada. If you have a DUI but intend to visit […]

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enter canada dui

Can You Get Into Canada If You Have A DUI

Getting into Canada while having a criminal record for DUI is a common concern many Americans have. It is very important that Canada is able to effectively secure its borders and keep people who may be dangerous out, but sometimes people who post no threat to Canada or Canadians are caught up in this red […]

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deported from Canada

How To Enter Canada After Being Denied

Being denied entry to Canada is no laughing matter. It can be embarrassing, and all of the plans you had in Canada – whether you were visiting family, going on a nice vacation or attending an important meeting – will be effectively cancelled and you have to turn around and go back where you came […]

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denied entry to canada

Your Options When You Are Refused Entry To Canada

Many people who want to visit Canada are often surprised to learn that one can be denied entry to Canada because of something like a criminal record, even for a non-violent crime. If you have a criminal record for a crime like a DUI or a criminal record from decades ago, you could still be […]

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Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren Quoted: Immigration Minister Kenney Wants more power for who is Denied Entry to Canada

We have mentioned Bill C-43– the Faster Removal of Criminals Act – which would result in the deportation of permanent residents from Canada for minor offences. The Bill, which passed its second reading in Parliament earlier this week, would also allow Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney more authority when it comes to who […]

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denied entry to Canada

Americans denied entry to Canada for DUI

A DUI (Driving under the influence conviction or drunk driving conviction) can cause you to be denied entry to Canada, even if you are an American citizen. If you have a criminal record for a DUI, you will simply be turned away if you try to enter Canada and you must return to the United […]

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Tourist Visa

Reapplying After A Canadian Tourist Visa is Rejected

Canadian tourist visas can be very difficult to get. If you apply for one, you could find that your application has been rejected. What can you do?  Reapplying after any Canadian visa denial is always an option. Don’t forget this, even though being denied for a Canadian visa can be very frustrating and upsetting. One […]

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Enter Canada within 48 hours with TRP application

Thank you so much for your remarkable turn around on my need to enter Canada on extremely short notice A mere 48 hours after retaining your services and providing you with the first bit of documentation, I was landing in Canada with my application for TRP in hand. An hour later I found myself riding […]

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Hunger Games Wes Bentley

American Hunger Games Actor Wes Bentley Denied Entry to Canada

According to Radar Online, Hunger Games actor Wes Bentley was denied entry to Canada because of a drug arrest in 2008. He had been expected to come to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) to promote his new film, but the drug-related arrest resulted in his being denied entry to Canada. Canada is generally very […]

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TRP Application Approved for 3 Years

TRP Application Approved for 3 Years

Good Afternoon Amandine, I am taking this opportunity to express my appreciation for the wonderful job you and your law firm did for my fiancee and I just received a letter CIC documenting the approval of my Temporary Resident Permit for 3 years.  I I wanted to say thank you very much. Have a wonderful […]

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canadian working visas

Alberta’s New Pilot Program for Foreign Workers, to Remedy Labor Shortage

Facing a severe labour shortage, Alberta has recently set up a temporary foreign worker pilot project to help employers hire highly skilled foreign workers in positions that cannot be filled by Canadians or permanent resident. Labor market objective Launched in June 2011 under the Temporary Foreign Worker Annex to the Agreement for Canada-Alberta Cooperation on […]

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Temporary Resident Permit Approved at the Border

Roxanna, Thank you very much for all your help in providing me a great package that I presented to the border agents in Vancouver B.C. in which they accepted me for a Temporary Resident Permit.  I found it particularly great that you were able to finalize the package in only two days and that you […]

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