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2 year TN Visa Application…Painless

Hello Fadi and Mira I just wanted to thank you both for making this year so relatively easy and painless with receiving all my information for the TN application. I received my two year TN late last night and can not thank you enough for assisting me through this process. I appreciate all your efforts and will send the […]

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Never to late for a TN Visa Thank you!

Hello Michael i just wanted to let you know that back in 2007 I  went  with your law firm in acquiring a TN Visa which was approved within minutes and the entire process was extremely painless. All because of the airtight application you filed. Thank you very much for all the help, it’s a little bit late […]

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TN Visa Approved from “#1 Law Firm”

Dear Fadi, I’d like to thank you so much for doing such an excellent job in preparing my TN Visa application.   Your expertise and the care you took, in my particular case made me feel comfortable.  I really appreciate your professionalism, your attitude, and your competence, with which you take care of your clients.  You bring a […]

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Downloading online how-to immigration forms? A Short cut to real immigration Help.

I am all for education. After all, our blog is full of helpful free information for the public. Educating our clients and people in general about Canadian and US Immigration is a passion of mine. But should you Download online immigration applications? In the age of the interent there is a LOT of immigration information […]

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Self-Help, Do it yourself Immigration kits. A Blessing or Curse?

In the legal service industry, there is a clear trend these days of people attempting to bypass the “middle man” or purchase self-help “kits” at book stores or online that promise, quick and easy results for your all your legal needs. These How-To kits are relatively inexpensive and claim to provide step-by-step guidance from start to finish. […]

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Work in the US as a Canadian

How to Work in the US as a Canadian

How To Work In The US As A Canadian When it comes to working abroad, Canadians are lucky in that it’s easier for them than other foreign nationals to work in the US. If you have a job offer from a US employer and are a Canadian, you might be eligible to work in the […]

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USA flag

Can Canadians Work In The US?

Yes indeed! While Canadians cannot just pack up and move to the US and work, there are several ways that Canadians can obtain a visa to legally work in the US. The best option for a Canadian who wants to work in the United States may be a TN Visa. That’s because the TN Visa […]

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Visitor Visa Canada

How to Get TN Visa Renewals

A TN Visa is a type of US work visa for Canadian Citizens who have a job offer in the US. Obtaining a TN Visa is a quick process – usually it can just be applied for at the border. But that does not mean that obtaining a TN Visa is easy. Your documentation and […]

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How to Get a Work Visa for the US

Are you interested in getting a work visa for the US? Working in the United States appeals to many, but first you would need a work visa. It is generally easier for Canadians to obtain a work visa for the US than for citizens of other countries to get a work visa for the US. […]

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TN Visa preparation made all the difference

Hi Fadi, I received my TN Visa status! The process was very seamless. The waiting time was about an hour. Once I was called up by the customs officer, they took a look at my documentation package and asked me to have a seat. I was called up again in about 10 minutes where I was […]

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TN Visa denied and then approved

Words from a recent TN Visa client… Hi Katherine I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you & your staff for your immense help in enabling me to secure my TN Visa recently. There is no doubt in my mind that you & your team prepared me fully, not only in providing the […]

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My TN Visa will expire soon. Where can I apply for a new TN Visa?

Canadian Working on a TN Visa Q.  I am a Canadian working in the USA as a Management Consultant under on a TN Visa. My Visa expires in January 2011 and I want to renew it. Can I renew it from within the US or do I have to return to Canada and apply at […]

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TN Visa as Management Consultant for 3 years

TN Visa Management Consultants Hi Fadi, I am glad to inform you that I got my TN Visa status as a Management Consultant for 3 years. I went to the tunnel as you had advised. The officer asked whether I had my degree and I showed him my master degree certifications. He asked whether the […]

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TN Visa Kits: What do you think of them?

Q. I have a job offer in the US. I require a TN Visa. I am considering purchasing a TN Visa Kit offered online. What is your view about TN Visa Kits? ___________ A.  This is a question that is often asked in many different ways. TN Visa Kits are what I consider a “Do-it-Yourself” […]

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TN Visa Refusal Reversed and Issued for 3 Years

Dear Fadi, At the Toronto Airport, while I was trying to get back to work in the US,  my existing TN Visa was arbitrarily removed on a technicality of a wrong designation being used by me as a “Director.” (The TN Visa was originally  based on my being a “Management Consultant”). The immigration lawyers at Niren and Associates, in particular with […]

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