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Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon

Playboy Playmate Accused of Smuggling Canadian Boyfriend into United States

Former Playboy magazine Playmate Colleen Shannon was in Federal Court this week, charged with trying to smuggle her Canadian boyfriend, Robert Skojo, across the US-Canada border during summer 2012. While Canadians are able to travel to the United States pretty easily with a valid passport, a Canadian criminal record can render them inadmissible to the […]

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The Dangerous Risks of Illegal Immigration

For many people around the world, illegal immigration seems to promise a relief from the miseries that they face. Some take this route for economic reasons and others for political motives. Either way, the path of illegal immigration is fraught with dangers that should be considered before someone decides to break the law of their […]

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3 Ways to Obtain Humanitarian Parole for US Entry

Humanitarian parole allows an individual, who is inadmissible, to enter into the United States for a limited period of time on grounds of compelling situations. The grant of parole is strictly regulated, and the Parolees are not necessarily provided with any immigration benefits.   Grant of Humanitarian Parole The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services […]

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US Officials Denied Permanent Residence Applicant with Gang Tattoos

As part of his application for US permanent residence, native Mexican Hector Villalobos traveled back to Mexico from Colorado to attend to his visa interview with a US immigration officer. In order to complete his application process, he needed to stay for a few months in his home country. Officer refused the tattooed guy Seven […]

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Shifts in Immigration Policies Boost Asian Immigrants’ Growth in the US

Asian-Americans have officially taken over Latinos as the largest stream of new immigrants in the United States. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Asian Americans are also the nation’s best educated and highest paid income ethnic group.  Although there are significant differences among Asian Americans which vary from their country […]

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TN Visa

How to apply for a B-1 Visa from Canada

B-1 Visa for Canada for US Business A B-1 Visa is required for Canadians to conduct business in the United States. It is usually considered rather informal because you do not usually get an actual visa, rather you would just get a stamp on your passport. A B-1 Visa is used for business-related activities in […]

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US Waiver Application for Canadians

Denied a US Visa? Can I re-apply?

Many hopeful applicants get nervous prior to a visa interview as they worry about whether a consular officer will grant them visa or deny their application. In most cases, visa applicants are interviewed by a US embassy Consulate who reviews the application information and supporting documents submitted by visa applicants. After reviewing the available information, […]

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How Do I Maintain my Permanent Resident Status If I’m outside the US?

How many times have you heard that you may lose your Green Card status if you commit an act that is a ground for deportation?   Sections 237 and 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act are clear on this point. If you committed certain felonies and prohibited acts described in sections 237 and 212, […]

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Have you been denied entry to the United States for minor offences?

Canadian man denied entry to the United States While Canadian laws against marijuana possession have become quite relaxed over the past few decades, imagine if it was 1967 and police discovered traces of marijuana in a pipe – in your home. You would be convicted of drug offences because of the laws of the time. […]

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Government too slow to fix US Immigration; States pass laws instead

States pass hundreds of laws in an effort to deal with US immigration issues During the first half of 2011, 40 individual US states passed 250 new US immigration laws or resolutions between them in an effort to resolve immigration issues – some positive, and some negative. According to this Reuters article, critics are saying that […]

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Canada-United States border crossings: more security measures likely

US Senate for more scrutiny on Canada-United States border A Senate hearing later in May will put renewed focus on the Canada-United States border, pushing for higher security. The Canada-United States border is the longest border in the world – measuring 6,400 kilometers – but many American politicians are concerned about its security, according to […]

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US Waiver for Entry to the USA approved

Dear Michael Niren, I would like to take this opportunity, to say thank you to Niren & Associates and the whole team that aided in the development and progress of my US waiver, Advanced permission to enter the USA and my I-192 application. Mr. Niren I found your service, your associates, and your staff to […]

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E-2 Visa Filing Procedure to change at the Toronto Consulate

E-2 Visa Changes at the US Consulate in Toronto As of February 1, 2011 the filing procedure for E-2 and E-1 visas has completely changed. The Non-Immigrant Visa unit at the U.S. Consulate General in Toronto will be implementing a new appointment system for individuals applying for treaty investor and trader visas. As a result, […]

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Urgent Entry to the US Resolved: Humanitarian Parole Application

Hi Michael, Mary and Fadi, I would like to start off by wishing you all a very Happy New Year!  I hope that the next decade brings you all love, laughter and happiness. I want to thank you guys for helping me with my US Humanitarian Parole application and my trip to New Jersey was […]

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Client gets Study Permit and Entry to the US

Hi Michael, Good day! I just would like to commend Vian for her work on my Study Permit and US Entry package, she did good. I appreciate the constant follow ups and calls and great attention to detail. Hope to work with you again soon. 🙂  I love your company. Vian, Thank you for an […]

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