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US Entry Case Resolved

Dear Mira,   Just want to inform you that I was in the US during this last long weekend and everything went smooth at the border, so I guess they made the proper corrections regarding my file, therefore I want take this occasion to thank you for the great job performed on my case and I […]

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US Waiver Application for Canadians

Denied a US Visa? Can I re-apply?

Many hopeful applicants get nervous prior to a visa interview as they worry about whether a consular officer will grant them visa or deny their application. In most cases, visa applicants are interviewed by a US embassy Consulate who reviews the application information and supporting documents submitted by visa applicants. After reviewing the available information, […]

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Living in Canada with a Green Card. Do I need a Reentry Permit?

Canadian Reentry Permit Question Hi. I live in Canada and have a green card commuter status that expires in mid July of this year. I lost my job this year. In order to keep my status, I should either move to the US or find a job within six months. It’s very difficult to get […]

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Re-Entry Permits for US Green Card Holders: Maintaining US Permanent Residence Status

Re-Entry Permits for US Green Card Holders For those that have U.S. Permanent Residency (Green Card Holders) but are planning on leaving the United States for an extended period of time (over a six-month period), one should file for the I-131 Re-Entry permit. Those that have not filed and have been absent from the United […]

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Obama's Aunt's Immigration Case Reopened

President Obama’s Aunt was facing deportation Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of President Obama’s late father, was instructed to leave the United States four years ago  when her request for asylum from her native Kenya was rejected Just days before Barack Obama’s election, the Bush administration imposed a  rule called “Fugitive Case File Vetting Prior to Arrest” requiring federal immigrations agents […]

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