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We get a lot of traffic from our website. is one of the most popular immigration sites in North America and I would guess the world. Many of our clients find us online for Canadian and US immigration services. Of course our law firm has clients from other sources such as referrals, other law firms, etc. However, every day, we get many many inquires from people needing immigration help who turn to the internet for answers.

Our website has been on line over 10 years now and consists of over 1000 pages of useful information about Canadian and US Visas and Immigration. If you become a client of ours from the internet, we would like to know how we did. You can review us using your gmail account on google here.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and observations about our immigration service. We are always striving to improve. Immigration law is always changing and we have to keep up with what is new in the law and how it impacts our clients. And we want to keep up with you! So please review us. Tell us how we did. Below is our online survey form. You are welcome to fill it out.

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Your feedback greatly helps us, please share with us you experience. Your opinion matters and helps improve our immigration services.
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