Hiring an Immigration Lawyer or doing it on your own. What option should you choose for your immigration application?

We have written extensively about this topic. How to choose an immigration lawyer; what information to ask a lawyer before hiring him or her; what to look out for etc. 

The Canadian government itself though its immigration website at www.cic.gc.ca also has provided guidance on this topic. Overall its good information except that they say”

“All the forms and information that you need to apply for a visa are available for free on this website. If you follow the instructions in the application guide, you can complete the application forms and submit them on your own” 

Well…….Yes true. But does this mean that their guides are really all you need to make a successful application? If you follow their instructions, fill out their forums, and push “submit”, will everything really be all right? Will you just wait for that Canadian Visa in the mail and the welcoming committee will cheering you on when arrive in Canada? You know where I am going with this.

Doing it on your own?

CIC is really good at promoting itself. And really good at scaring the public about the “perils” of hiring immigration lawyers and consultants. Beware they warn: You could be a victim of fraud should you retain the services of a consultant. We have written about immigration fraud extensively as well.

We agree with CIC that immigration fraud is rampant and should be investigated and stopped at every opportunity. But is the solution to just put your faith in the government  and its guides and forms? As has been demonstrated in other sectors in Canada and other countries, handing over your future to the government usually turns out to be a bad investment.

The private sector while not without its problems, is often the best solution when it comes to service and results. Yes do your homework, ask for references,  read online reviews, and sign a contract before hiring a lawyer or consultant. But as they say ” you get what you pay for” . Or “if its too good to be true, it probably is”

Beware of the government and not just immigration consultants

CIC’s not so subtle message to the public that its best to just to it yourself is ,in my view, misleading, harmful and certainly is not in the public interest. Their website  is great. It’s packed full of useful information about Canada immigration and procedures. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the government has your interests. Far from it. Too many of our cases are refusals from people who innocently believed in the government’s message  that all it takes is to follow guides and fill out forms.

Our message? Don’t be a statistic.  Consider hiring a lawyer


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